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Discover: “Blunderbuss”

June’s Album of the Month is Jack White’s Blunderbuss

Revo Radar: La Fleur

Flower Power is taking over the electronica air waves, but don’t fret, this groovy spinstress is anything but mellow. Sanna Engdahl by day, La Fleur by night, this Swedish dancer/pharmacist–turned-DJ has been popping up on remix charts since 2006. After gaining popularity in the Swedish night scene, she ranked #6 in Sweden’s Top 100 DJs [...]

Shawn Colvin Live In Studio

Between a memoir, a new album, and a rigorous tour schedule, Shawn Colvin took time to stop by WERS this past Thursday. She grabbed a seat and immediately started feeling around on her fingerboard as we prepared for her solo acoustic session. As a singer-songwriter who has been creating albums for 23 years, Colvin seemed [...]

Sofia Talvik on The Left End

For thirty-three-year-old Swedish artist and folk veteran Sofia Talvik, it’s all about committing to the cause. For a woman who’s committing herself to a two-year, worldwide tour, a new album, and a voice and personality that never seems to tire, no artist seems better suited to the task. We know what you’re thinking… a two [...]

The Walkmen Live In Studio

The Walkmen Live In Studio

With their newest album, Heaven, released ten years since their debut record, it’s clear The Walkmen have a lot of memories to look back on. Singer and guitarist Hamilton Leithauser, guitarist Paul Maroon, bassist Walter Martin, and drummer Matt Barrick all stopped by the WERS studio for a special live performance (keyboardist Peter Bauer was unable to join with [...]

On the Verge: Callaghan

On the Verge: Callaghan

Moving from London, UK to Atlanta, Georgia may seem anticlimactic for a rising musician, but for Georgina Callaghan, known to the world as Callaghan, that was her path to a music career. It all started with an email to Shawn Mullins via MySpace back in 2009. “I met Shawn in an unusual way,” said Callaghan [...]

Revo Radar: A-Trak

If you haven’t heard of “Barbra Streisand”, then I don’t know what the Duck Sauce you’re waiting for. That is A-Trak and he has been rolling the globe for years, his works even being covered on X-Factor and Glee. Well, enough of the puns (for now). A-Trak is just a “Big Bad Wolf” that started [...]

Laura Marling Live In Studio

English folk singer and songwriter Laura Marling stopped by the WERS studio as her nationwide tour in support of A Creature I Don’t Know just getting started. At the ripe age of 22, Marling has already released three full-length albums, has been nominated for two Mercury Music Prizes, and has taken home the Best Female Solo [...]

John Fullbright on Coffeehouse

For this week’s edition of The Coffeehouse, we at WERS were fortunate enough to have John Fullbright come in studio for a live session. Fullbright’s first studio album, From the Ground Up, was released earlier this year, but this was not his first album.  Contrary to standard industry practice, his first release was actually a [...]

Bonnaroo Music & Arts Festival

Bonnaroo Music & Arts Festival

After four days of music, art, and comedy, tens of thousands of Bonnarovians were finally sent home with ears ringing, dust and dirt clinging to their bodies, and the smell of corndogs sitting gently in their noses. Huge plastic bags of trash and recycling, empty beer cans, and random articles of clothing were left scattering [...]

Emerson College

The Emerson Acappellooza Fundraiser

Come celebrate our school with performances from our own four a cappella groups: Acapellics Anonymous, Noteworthy, Treble Makers, and Achoired Taste. It will be a night filled with school spirit, positive energy, and fun for any person who loves Emerson College. Proceeds will go to Emerson Scholarships and Emerson A cappella. Sponsored by Acappellics Anonymous with The Spirit [...]

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