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Green Schools emphasize environmental education for young

By Aidan Connelly  The organization Green Schools held their annual summit last Wednesday at the Environmental Protection Agency’s Boston offices. The summit focused on the current state of environmental education in schools and the myriad of rising programs that are aiming to push environmental education further.  In attendance were students, teachers, and many green energy […]

Anti-fracking activists use “Shalefield stories” to highlight need for legislation

By Aidan Connelly Environmental activists gathered in front of the State House today to raise awareness of the looming threat of fracking in Massachusetts through “Shalefield Stories”, a collection of accounts from people whose lives have been affected by fracking. Among those present were public health professionals, representatives from Environment Massachusetts, and state representative Denise […]

State parks’ funding remains below pre-recession levels

By Aidan Connelly The continuing cuts in funding for the Department of Conservation and Recreation is leading many state parks to lose their old world charm. The funding, which starting in 2008 was cut down by 20 percent is starting to show visible signs in parks like the Boston Common. Erica Mattison of the Environmental […]

Environmental groups urge legislators to support net metering

By Melanie Escobar  Environmental groups like Environment Massachusetts, Vote Solar, Boston Community Capital and more came together today in a public hearing to encourage legislators to extend and expand the state’s net metering program. The net metering program allows solar panel owners to sell the extra energy produced back to the grid. This is what […]

Environmental lobbyist rally for Pension fund divestment

by Aidan Connelly  A plethora of environmental lobbyists took to the state capitol yesterday morning following a rally with several, urging congressmen to sponsor bill S1225. The bill aims to deplete holdings of fossil fuel companies from Massachusetts’ public fund by 2020.[soundcloud id='137059152' color='#2a3590'] The bill, which targets the 1.3 billion dollars worth of holdings […]

Climate activists rally against fossil fuels

by Melanie Escobar  The Statehouse will see  rallying and lobbying on it’s footsteps on Wednesday for divesting the state from fossil fuels. Climate Activists, guest speakers, pensioners and more are coming to show their support for bill that would divest the state pension fund from fossil fuels. The speakers will be urgently asking the legislators to […]

House representatives gather support against fracking practice

by Aidan Connelly  This past week, Massachusetts House of Representatives member Denise Provose stood with Ben Hellerstein of Environment Massachusetts in front of Massachusetts General Hospital to campaign against the looming threat of fracking in the Pioneer Valley Massachusetts. Hellerstein and Provose reached out to Massachusetts public health professionals to publicize the significant health risks […]

Solar industry adds more jobs in Massachusetts

By Aidan Connelly  Climbing six spots, Massachusetts has become the fourth largest solar jobs provider in the the nation, according to a national solar job census. The state currently provides around 6,400 jobs in solar energy. This bump in place is the result of a 42 percent increase of solar jobs in Massachusetts over 2013, along […]

Breaking up with fossil fuels

Breaking up with fossil fuels

By Melanie Escobar With Valentine’s Day coming around the corner, tomorrow people will be gathered in front of the statehouse to watch a Valentine’s Day themed skit called “Breaking Up With Fossil Fuels” to get state representatives to stop investing in companies that control fossil fuels. [soundcloud id='134305942' color='#2a5090'] Environmental activists, actors and students will […]