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“Nanobots” by They Might Be Giants

Every modern, indie-oriented college student goes through a special transformation during their four years at the university. These students often assume that the musical tastes they have accrued throughout the first 18 years of their lives are more refined and more cultivated than any of their peers. Their families, and even some of their friends [...]

“What the Brothers Sang” Dawn McCarthy

It can be concerning when younger bands attempt to pay tribute to an influential artist and then completely fail to do them any justice. A cover album is a deceptively difficult project to tackle because it gives the artist the unique task of representing not just their own musical vision but also the musical vision [...]

“Muchacho” by Phosphorescent

Phosphorescent, the pseudonym for the recording project of Alabama raised, Brooklyn based musician Matthew Houck, has been recording music under this name since 2001. Stylistically, his music is habitually hard to pin down, and his latest release, Muchacho, is no exception. Houck explores elements of folk, country, synth-pop, and experimental music all held together with [...]

“Victim of Love” by Charles Bradley

Despite beginning his musical career so relatively late in life, Charles Bradley has unarguably made a name for himself as a phenomenal soul and R&B singer. Now in his 60s, Bradley is releasing his second album, Victim of Love. His songs echo iconic soul singers such as James Brown and Otis Redding. Most likely due [...]

“Awayland” by Villagers

A quick glance at the latest issue of Mojo magazine will reveal a striking and somewhat grotesque illustration of Villagers songwriter and singer, Conor O’Brien. Drawn as a Slaughter House Five reading fetus that is sharing space with a gecko in the belly of an ocean wave, the image itself is a bit too psychedelic [...]

“Spark Seeker” by Matisyahu

If there were ever a wild card in the pop music hierarchy, Matisyahu is hands-down one of the most unpredictable and unconventional artists on the charts. His fusion of hip-hop, rock n’ roll, spoken word, and beat boxing combined with his latest effort to perform as an acoustic singer/songwriter on Spark Seeker: Acoustic brings some [...]

“The Low Highway” by Steve Earle

On April 2nd, Steve Earle will add one more album to his already impressive collection. The Low Highway will be released by New West Records and was produced by Ray Kennedy and Earle himself. The album is a must-listen for any fan of country, rock, the blues, or anyone who appreciates the art of storytelling [...]

Discover: “The Messenger”

WERS is featuring Johnny Marr’s The Messenger as our March Album of the Month! Johnny Marr is still playing the electric guitar. And damn well too, which diehard indie rock fans should be grateful for. His first major project after a long stint of playing axe on other bands’ records, The Messenger is proof that [...]

“Old Yellow Moon” by Emmylou Harris

Country/folk tour de forces Emmylou Harris and Rodney Crowell are releasing Old Yellow Moon at ages when most people would have the idea of retirement looming above their graying heads. This obviously isn’t a consideration for either of these musicians. With more than thirty studio album releases and thirteen Grammys between them, Old Yellow Moon [...]

“On My Mind/In My Heart” by Jesse Dee

Jesse Dee is undoubtedly one of Boston’s masters of the throwback sound. What might come as a surprise, however, is that this master musician did not pick up his first guitar until he was eighteen. Earlier this week, Dee released his sophomore album On My Mind/In My Heart, an effort that he co-produced just outside [...]

Emerson College

The Emerson Acappellooza Fundraiser

Come celebrate our school with performances from our own four a cappella groups: Acapellics Anonymous, Noteworthy, Treble Makers, and Achoired Taste. It will be a night filled with school spirit, positive energy, and fun for any person who loves Emerson College. Proceeds will go to Emerson Scholarships and Emerson A cappella. Sponsored by Acappellics Anonymous with The Spirit [...]

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