AP Awards

WERS News AP Award Winning Work

WERS News received seven AP awards in 2010 for a variety of original reports.

Documentary: Alternative Education

You Are Here takes a look at different sorts of education. How do religious or gender specific educations affect students? Reporters will also look disability-specific education and technical schools.

Featuring Reporters: Abbey Niezgoda, Justine Frostad, Elissa Bernstein, Stephanie Miceli, Joy Powers, Emily Files, and Melyssa Cantor

Public Affairs: Alternative Education

Vocational Schools
Featuring Reporters: Abbey Niezgoda and Justine Frostad

Single-sex Education
Featuring Reporters Elissa Bernstein and Stephanie Miceli

Election Day Coverage: Election day reports

News and You Are Here pieces
Featuring reporters: Kathryn Barnes, Natalie Zarowny, and Zara Neifield

Continuing Coverage: Election Day 2010

News and You Are Here pieces
Featuring Reporters: Kathryn Barnes, Natalie Zarowny, and Zara Neifield

Debate Wrap-up
Featuring Reporter: Ben Tan

Feature Reporting: Retail on Black Friday

How Retailers Prepare
Featuring Reporter: Kathryn Barnes

Best Newscast

December 13, 2010
Featuring Anchor: Gillian Barbieri
Featuring Reporter: Jillian Farrel

Use of Sound: Washington 9/11 Memorial

Featuring Reporter: Nicholas Garlow


Emerson College

The Emerson Acappellooza Fundraiser

Come celebrate our school with performances from our own four a cappella groups: Acapellics Anonymous, Noteworthy, Treble Makers, and Achoired Taste. It will be a night filled with school spirit, positive energy, and fun for any person who loves Emerson College. Proceeds will go to Emerson Scholarships and Emerson A cappella. Sponsored by Acappellics Anonymous with The Spirit […]

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