Performance Studio Specifications

The WERS live performance studio is an acoustically tuned 13′ by 19′ room, with a 9 foot ceiling. The room is home to the station’s 1933 Steinway “B” baby grand piano. The space is used for live and pre-recorded performances throughout the year including WERS’s annual Local Music Week and Live Music Week.

If you would like to be considered, please contact the WERS Live Mix Director at Please include “WERS Studio Mix: Band Name” as the e-mail subject.

Performance Studio Specifications:

1932 Steinway Model B Piano (Restored 2008)

Fender 65 Deluxe Reverb Reissue Guitar Amp

Yamaha Absolute Maple Nouveau Drum Set (5-Piece)

Zildjian A Series Cymbals

Yamaha PM5D 48 Channel Digital Mixing Console

Power Mac G5 Dual 2.0Ghz

Glyph Gt-103 FireWire Chassis

Pro Tools HD 7.3

Digidesign HD192


Sony R-500 DAT

Tascam DA-98HR

Presonus Central Station

Genelec 8050A Monitors

Yamaha NS-10M monitors

Aviom CAT5 Digital Monitoring System

EAW SZ109 Monitor Wedges

Sony MDR & Sennheiser HD202 Headphones

Rane HC-6 Headphone Amp

DBX 172 Gates

DBX 376 Tube Channel Strips

Drawmer DL 241 Compressor

Empirical Labs Distressors

Millenia Audio STT-1 Tube Channel Strip

TC Electronics Fireworks Effects Processor

TL Audio C1 Tube Pre-Amp/Compressor

Microphones from:


Audio Technica