Rihanna Hits Boston’s TD Garden with Anti World Tour


 By Jess Filippone 

Rihanna’s Anti World Tour, the seventh concert tour, hit Boston’s TD Garden this past Sunday, in support of her eighth audio album Anti. 

Rihanna started her set with the widely known, slow hit “Stay”, which captivated the crowd in an intimate sing-along. The song speaks of temptation and the inability to resist true love. This song was followed by another throwback hit “Love the Way You Lie (Part II)”. As a fan, myself, I never heard this song without the other vocalist on this track, and it was absolutely beautiful. Rihanna is definitely one of those artists who does not lip-sync, and is able to anchor her lungs to the stage with incredible sound; almost as beautiful as she is.

Her full set consisted of twenty-five songs ranging from her newest album, all the way back to her first. After the first three songs, dancers, back up singers, and a full band took the stage, bringing her concert to a full performance. “Hey Boston, I hope you’re ready for this party!” Rihanna exclaimed to her fans in the front row. And hey, we weren’t all that ready; she had a lot in store for us.

Throughout the two-hour set, there were breaks where break-dancers would come out from under the stage and do incredible flips and tricks to the breaks in lyrics. During the chorus of “Man Down,” I counted seven death drops from the dancers- an incredibly tough move, especially to do over and over.

Rihanna’s songs ranged from intimate, slow jams to hard-core party-hoppers. When she sang “Diamonds” the stage ceiling started pouring white foam from the stage to portray clouds; which was absolutely incredible. tickets to any part of this tour, would surely be worth it.

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