On the Verge: The Well Informed

Stevie Dunbar, The Well Informed

The band members of The Well Informed dress as smartly as their name implies. When they showed up at the WERS studio for their On the Verge segment this afternoon, the three musicians wore coordinating vests, ties, and brightly colored pants. The look is all part of their overarching artistic identity: as their Facebook page puts it, fine purveyors of golden-tone pop.

Paul Loren and Evan Duby, both of whom provide vocals as well as play piano and guitar respectively, originally formed The Well Informed in early 2010. They were recently joined by drummer Brian Kantor, and this past June released their first full-length album, entitled Everybody Knows. The eleven-track album was inspired by Loren and Duby’s admiration for the craftsmanship of pop songs from the sixties, and then placed into a modern context.

The band played two songs, the first called “Found Out.” The song opened with mid-tempo piano and Duby singing lead vocals. Due to their precision and happy-go-lucky attitude, a listener would never notice that it was their first time performing the song. “You know how it feels when you’re in a new relationship or friendship and you’re with that person twenty-four seven?” Duby asks. “It’s a little like that with songs. You want to inhabit that space as much as you can to get comfortable and make it feel fresh compared to other material.”

The second and final song of the afternoon was also the title track off the new album, entitled “I Bet Everybody Knows.” The song stands out to the band as a perfect balance between the two original members. “It was a complete collaboration,” Paul says, “truly fifty-fifty.” Evan explains the inspiration behind the music: “It was made from a bunch of journal entries from our trip to LA. And all the instrumentation was done live, so that song always brings back good memories for us.” In essence, the song is a hymn to the west coast and a record of the beginning of the two’s friendship.

It’s clear the dynamic friendship between Loren and Duby drives everything about the band, from their artistic vision to the music itself.  They met several years ago as part of a now-defunct band and realized how much each supported the other’s musical vision. “With us it’s fun and easy and there’s no stress,” Duby describes.

So are they really as well informed as fans might be led to believe? Evan explains, “Paul is a wealth of knowledge in a number of subjects and I walk around a bit stumbling and silly. It was a joke between the two of us and that’s how we came up with the name. It just felt funny and tongue in cheek as opposed to saying ‘smart people.’ A funnier way of saying “we’re smart!”

By Mary Kennedy
Photo By Stevie Dunbar

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