Stone Cold Fox Live In Studio

Stone Cold Fox

88.9 tries to bring in the most up-and-coming artists to the studio and a band that is self-described as a mix of old and new music, Stone Cold Fox is a group that is most definitely on the rise, but also crosses and blends multiple music genres while still staying current with the indie rock scene. The band, whose name may make one think up images of Anderson Cooper from CNN, actually came from an incident involving a girl, according to the singer, songwriter, and guitarist Kevin Olken Henthorn. Most likely to protect other involved parties, he neglected to relinquish any more details on the origins of the bands very “cool” (see: ‘Stone Cold’ Fox) name.

Using synthesizers to bring back memories of the not-so-distant 80’s pop bands like Depeche Mode or even Journey in a few of their songs, Stone Cold Fox reminds us that synthesizers aren’t only secluded to the past or only relevant to EDM. Before the set, the band was very laid back, joking about anything and everything. There was some tuning of instruments, especially the synthesizers, before they were ready to play live.

As the quintet performed their single “Seventeen” off of their upcoming album Memory Palace, it seems to incorporate just enough of every musical style that anyone could listen to and enjoy. They mix some great heavy beats from Kevin Tedeschi on the drums, Graham Stone on the guitar, low strings from bass player Justin Bright, accompanied by Kevin Olken Henthorn with impressive guitar playing and quite the vocal range make up the truly unique sound that the band is known for. Of course combined with the unforgettable retro synthesizer and keyboard played by the band’s producer, Ariel Loh!

After rocking out to “Seventeen,” the band went into one of their new songs, “Sold,” which Henthorn explains was written when he was in a bad place. The songwriter’s dog had just passed away, and his house had just been sold. The song reflects sadness in a few of the notes, presenting an almost rock ballad-like tune. Henthorn furthers with the fact that the songs’ theme is all about growing up, facing challenges, overcoming or dealing with the outcomes which will be mirrored in the song’s music video to be released soon.

To finish up the set, the band played “Darling, Darling” as a wonderful close to a performance from a group that rocked from start to finish. This is a band who knows how to have fun with their music, but also knows how to make the songs mean something for their listeners. The songs off of their new album are most certainly of the variety that the band advertises, both old and new,  including every genre of music. Their upcoming album, Memory Palace, was released on early May sixth, which includes all of the songs that were played in the session. The chemistry of Stone Cold Fox draws the listeners in for more foxy music to come.

By Jacqueline Parchois
Photo By Zhenchuan Lei

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