On the Verge: KaoVanny

KaoVanny - Amanda Weisman

In a delightfully soulful end to this semester’s Live Music Week, WERS had the pleasure of hosting the vocalist, poet, and infinitely charming KaoVanny in studio. The artist plans to release Lov3child, her first full album, in June 2014. The record will be a musical expression of three distinct aspects of her life that have made her who she is today.

Lov3child is me,” explains KaoVanny. “I substituted the ‘E’ in love for the ‘3’ because I’m incorporating many different things that make me a lovechild. If you ask the person who first called me a lovechild, they would say a lovechild is someone who was conceived when their parents were absolutely in love, that they’re magnetic, and that everyone wants to be around them. But at the end of the day, I think everyone is a lovechild. It’s just a matter of tapping into it.” The album will delve into KaoVanny’s relationship with God (the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit) and her family (her mother, her father, and her mentor), as well as three hurtful relationships that shaped her.

For KaoVanny, the songs she sings are far more important than the artist who makes them, because it’s all about the feelings the music evokes. “I don’t [perform] anything that I don’t absolutely love and relate to,” says the artist. KaoVanny opened her in-studio performance with a cover of Miguel’s “Candles in the Sun.” “‘Candles in the Sun’ is a very conscious song that talks about real things,” explains KaoVanny. “I’m attracted to reality, and really genuine things. I’m attracted to music that dares to speak and make a statement.”

KaoVanny’s next songs on-air, Outkast’s “So Fresh So Clean,” (parts of) Drake’s “Pound Cake,” and Pharrell’s “Brand New” illustrated a new kind of statement about KaoVanny herself. In interviews and on-air, KaoVanny has identified as a poet, not a rapper. However, these tracks definitely proved otherwise. She portrays a smart, strong, and absolutely un-containable uniqueness of sound.

However, the young tomboy KaoVanny had no real interest in pursuing music professionally. When a Berklee College of Music recruiter heard her sing and offered her a full scholarship, her initial reaction was to ignore them and continue playing basketball. But thankfully(!) her mentor convinced her to go through with the education.

Her mentor is still an incredibly important part of her life. “He encourages me to be myself in my most natural beauty, to accept me in my rawest form,” says KaoVanny. He now helps countless other students like Kaovanny as the director of Berklee’s City Music Boston. The program helps students learn and celebrate music who otherwise would not have the means to do so.

In addition to her mentor, KaoVanny believes she has received a lot of love from a lot of people in her life, and feels that this is her moment to give something back. “A lot of people gravitate towards me, and love on me, and support me — originally I had a hard time accepting that. Now, Lov3child is me coming into it. This is my coming out. I am accepting being a lovechild.”

By Maggie Ambrose
Photo By Amanda Weisman

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