WERS Presents: All A Cappella Live!

All A Cappella Live 2014

Thanks to everyone for coming out to our 9th annual All A Cappella Live at the Cutler Majestic Theater!

Read our review here!

Congrats to this year’s winner of the title “Best in Collegiate A Cappella,” the Darthmouth Aires who took away the cash prize of $850!

Five Collegiate groups took to the stage in hopes of being voted Best In Collegiate A Cappella and collecting a cash prize. All Acappella Live At the Cutler Majestic Theatre featured BU Terpsichore, Brandies VoiceMale, Dartmouth Aires, the Harvard Opportunes and the Umass Dynamics. Even with special celebrity judges, YOU got to take part in deciding the winner. The 9thAnnual All A Cappella Live At The Cutler Majestic Theatre included a special tribute to celebrate the 65th Birthday of WERS, too.

Read about the performers below:

 Harvard Opportunes:
In 1980, two Harvard-Radcliffe students transformed a loosely organized co-ed singing group called the Harvard Squares into Harvard’s first full-fledged mixed a cappella ensemble now known as the Harvard Opportunes. Over the years the Opportunes have won widespread acclaim for their intricate six-to-eight-part harmonies as well as for their stage presence and sense of humor. Though all are seasoned musicians, the Opportunes have academic concentrations spanning Harvard’s diverse curriculum, from molecular and cellular biology to social studies. Our members hail from all over the country and the world and are involved in Harvard athletics, clubs, theater, publications, and service programs, but most importantly, we love to sing!

Brandies VoiceMale:
VoiceMale is Brandeis University’s award-winning all-male a cappella group. Founded in 1994, VoiceMale travels coast-to-coast performing a mix of rock, pop, R&B, and oldies at colleges, high schools, charity events, and a variety of private functions. VoiceMale’s latest albums, “Propeller” (2003), “Ain’t Done Overnight” (2006), “Suit Up” (2009) and Phoenix (2011) have won BOCA appearances and multiple CARA awards. Watch out for our new EP, set to be released this May!

Darthmouth Aires:
Founded as an offshoot of the Glee Club in 1946, the Aires are Dartmouth College’s oldest a cappella group. The Aires broke with the Glee Club in the late 1970s and have since established themselves as an independent Dartmouth landmark through decades of musical excellence and high-energy performance. The Aires hold auditions every fall and are comprised of eighteen members from across campus. The Aires sing original arrangements, representing a dedication to musicality that has led them to become one of the nation’s most recognized and acclaimed all-male collegiate a cappella groups. In 2011, the Aires were featured on NBC’s The Sing Off and came in second place. In the past few years the Aires have been lucky enough to perform in wonderful venues such as The White House, Lincoln Center, and Fenway Park. The Aires are currently working on their next album, which will be released in the fall of 2014.

UMass Dynamics:
“The Dynamics are a group of talented, hardworking, and motivated UMass Amherst students committed to performing fun and exciting a cappella music in the Amherst area and beyond. We sing on campus, at other universities, at a cappella festivals, private parties, and competitions. Since our creation seven years ago, we have recorded four studio albums and are planning more recordings in the near future. Our latest CD, “Giraffes out of Bed” is a compilation of innovative arrangements that will surely please music lovers of all genres- Check it out online atwww.umassdynamics.com”

Terpsichore (terp-sik-oh-ree) is Boston University’s premier all-female a cappella group, established in 1989. Affectionately known as “Terps,” these girls are the finest group of windpipes you’ll ever meet. For 25 years they’ve been singing for competitions like the ICCA’s and VoicesOnly, or warming the hearts of those in hospitals and homeless shelters with their sound. From Drake to John Legend to Kimbra, Terpsichore’s repertoire is full of favorites.

3 Responses to WERS Presents: All A Cappella Live!

  1. So psyched!!! How lucky am I? Won tix this morning. Already, last week’s donation has paid for itself : ) I know amazing stuff, huh? Well again, here’s my tip of the hat to George + Chloe for directing my attention to the beacon that is known as WERS. I have honesty become a more rounded individual in the short time I have been listening to this wonderful station. My biggest thanks!

    Shane April 22, 2014 at 8:23 AM Reply
  2. I attended All A Cappella Live yesterday. I have a few comments:

    The 3 A Cappella groups from Emerson who started the show were just not that good. (I am being kind.) I would rather have seen more competition-ready groups instead. It is your competition so you can feature whoever you choose, but I for one would have arrived much later if I had known that you were going to start the show this way.

    I was extremely disappointed with the song-choice of the competition groups. Katy Perry? And the drawn-out and badly-arranged last number by the group from UMass (about getting wasted) was painfully bad; which is a shame, as their first number showed that they have a lot of talent. This is out of your control, of course; just an observation.

    The judge’s comment’s were mostly helpful, but they seemed extremely reluctant to say anything negative, even regarding the all-girls group, which was the worst.

    But the reason I am writing is this: My friend and I were surprised that you had the audience pick the winners. Isn’t it obvious that many audience members were there to support and would therefore vote for their family members, friends, and/or schools? Also, having the audience vote rewards pandering (Yes, “Happy” is a fun song, but the arrangement was nothing special”, as opposed to beautiful arrangements and song choices (Brandeis – duh!). While the prize is small – what is the point of having knowledgeable judges if they don’t pick the winners? I hope that you will re-think this for next time. I understand that you want the audience members to stick around until the end, but that doesn’t justify having them judge the winner.

    And lest you think I am a complete “Debbie Downer”, I want to commend the two students who hosted the event. They were entertaining and delightful.

    Lori Fanara April 28, 2014 at 12:19 PM Reply
    • Hi Lori, thanks for attending and offering your insight! We really appreciate it.

      Maggie A. May 20, 2014 at 1:55 PM Reply

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