U2 Releasing New Album This Summer

U2 has been receiving a lot of buzz lately due to the success of their song “Ordinary Love” that they wrote for the film Mandela. Having just won a Golden Globe for this single and also being nominated for an Oscar, the band definitely does not regret the decision to write this song for the film which honors the man who they thought of as a friend. However, focusing all of their energy on “Ordinary Love” derailed their current efforts of releasing their new album.

When the band was approached to write “Ordinary Love” they had already been in the studio working on new material for their 13th studio album. The release was intended for December 2013. But, being approached by Harvey Weinstein about Mandela, they decided they needed to do this in his honor. They also took time off from the album to promote the film and of course to mourn the death of their friend. They are making strides on the new album however, finishing “Invisible”, a single which they released during the Super Bowl.

The band has returned to the studio to continue recording, but the album still has a ways to go. It’s set to have 12 tracks but still is nameless. Bono has jokingly referred to it as Insecurity. Bono explains that there are still a couple songs that haven’t been perfected, and they need the songs to be good because they know they have to take them around the world for a couple of years on tour. U2 haven’t released an album since No Line on the Horizon in 2009. However, there is something special and innovative about them that has kept them relevant since 1980, so taking time for perfection is completely justified. Now they have a couple months to focus on the “nameless” album and hopefully release it for its anticipated summer launch. I guess they just still haven’t found what they’re looking for (pun very much intended).

By Micaela Cain

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