On the Verge: Caitlin Crosby

Caitlin Crosby Live In Studio

Caitlin Crosby stopped by the WERS studio to play us a couple of tracks from her new EP, Save That Pillow. She was dressed immaculately in a modest floral lace dress, a house key on a ball chain around her neck, and a felt hat. She quickly warmed up and then jumped right in to the title track to her newest release. This follow up to her 2012 album Flawz continues with the theme of bolstering self-esteem and empowering youths to feel comfortable in their own skin. After a quick verbal warm-up she grabbed her guitar and began to sing.

The title track “Save That Pillow” is a thoughtful wandering tune that utilizes Crosby’s soft, sweet, and vulnerable voice to sing a tale of a girl who has been taken advantage of by a man who is only interested in a physical relationship. The perfectly executed pop-folk ballad is measured yet honest when it hits the listener with the chorus of “Get down to the bottom of why, Giving yourself away and/ Save that pillow for the one who will love you the right way.” This type of message is largely unheard in the realm of modern music. Caitlin herself was victimized by the worst of Hollywood lookism as a young actress. Her early roles on Malcolm in the Middle, That 70s Show, and 7th Heaven gave her an insight into the superficiality of a society obsessed with image and wrought with self-esteem issues. She has used these negative experiences to become a beacon for positivity and change amongst young people.

The next song she played was “Just Another Day.” This deceptively catchy song tells the story of an underage prostitute being seduced by the Los Angeles streets. Crosby drops her voice to a jazzy depth as she powers through this disturbing warning. She sings, “Just another day/ lost in the city of angels/ they got a spell on me/ so I’m calling on heaven to set me free.” The picture that she expertly paints is of a young woman victimized by her own beauty but who finds strength in herself to fight for something better. The title of the song echoes the normalcy of these events and reverberates the message across the globe. Crosby chooses the subject of her songs very carefully. These two tracks are bold statements about femininity and victimization in today’s society.

Caitlin Crosby is winning back Hollywood with kindness and couth. Her Love Your Flawz campaign which she hosts with Brie Larson provides inspirational quotes, videos, and photos of women who are empowered by their imperfections. Similarly her Giving Keys campaign helps to build a support network for people in need of assistance while simultaneously helping homeless people to transition back to a productive lifestyle. Her music and her social graces are helping to turn the tremendously negative experience of growing up in Hollywood into a community of support and tolerance for those struggling to find their place in the world.

By Trevor Gage

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