Pinkalicious Live on the Playground

Pinkalicious Live In Studio

Laughter, nervous smiles and singing rehearsal filled the WERS Performance Studio earlier Saturday morning before the Pinkalicious the Musical cast’s appearance on Playground. Lucy Perrotta, Margaret McFadden and Alec Shiman visited the studio to perform three of their songs from the hit show whose success took everyone by surprise; though Pinkalicious the Musical began with twelve performances, the demand became so high three more were added, and then three more, and then more until the show reached a twenty performance run that ends on February 2nd.

With almost every show sold out and six weeks of rehearsal prior to its debut, when do the actors have time for school?

Pinkalicious the Musical is staged by the Boston Children’s Theatre at the Calderwood Pavilion. Margaret McFadden, playing the lead role of Pinkalicious, is only 13-years-old, as is Alec Shiman, who plays her brother Peter. Lucy Perrotta, playing Mrs. Pinkerton, is 16-years-old.

The three of them switched from children to performers instantly and effortlessly in the studio, giggling and avoiding flashing cameras while away from the microphone but belting ballads and fast-paced numbers the moment the piano played. Their mothers stood off to the side against the wall taking pictures of their children.

The hit book-turned-show by Victoria Kann is about a bubbly girl named Pinkalicious Pinkerton who, driven by her love for pink cupcakes, eats too many of the sugary snacks and develops “Pinkititis.” This disease causes her to turn pink all over, and she has to eat something rather unpleasant in order to reverse the effects.

The trio sang three songs for WERS, featuring McFadden in “When Dreams Come True,” Perrotta in “You Get Just What You Get,” and all three in “Green Food.” Lucy Perrotta’s song was a gentle warning from Pinkalicious’ mother about being happy with what you have instead of always searching for more, and though she was referring to pink cupcakes, the loving soprano ballad could be a lesson for everyone. While “When Dreams Come True” captured the character of Pinkalicious in just a few minutes, showing through a fast-paced song her excitement, lightheartedness and obsession with sugar and the color pink, the real chemistry between McFadden and Shiman, playing brother and sister, revealed itself during “Green Food,” where the two bantered back and forth in song about vegetables and stealing each others’ rooms.

McFadden, Perrotta, and Shiman also spoke with Playground host, Hummingbird, and me during and after their set. Here they stopped being sugary stars and transformed into kids, nudging each other up to the microphone to answer more difficult questions and laughing when asked how excited they were. They smiled the whole time, nervously, glancing at the cameras that surrounded them, but also widely and enthusiastically at their sudden success. This is preparation for the future for them, since all three admitted they wanted to stay in show business forever; Perrotta, who is beginning to prepare for college, said she wants to go to school for musical theatre.

And while no Boston Children’s Theatre show exploded the way Pinkalicious the Musical did, none of the three kids are new to performances: this is Alec Shiman’s seventh show with the company, having appeared in productions like To Kill a Mockingbird and Footloose. Both Perrotta and McFadden have been in other shows by the company, which stages four shows every year.

Pinkalicious the Musical is a sugary show with sweet stars excited to be a part of the musical theatre community. They danced and sang despite their nervousness and the cameras and the cramped room, spreading the pink fun to the WERS Playground!

By Jessica Costello

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