New Music Tuesday: December 10th

Though new music tends to take a backseat to the monolith that is the holiday season, look closer, listeners– even as Santa dominates the airwaves, the last releases of the year are sneaking out into the public consciousness! Eat up, kids:

Brendan Benson, You Were Right

This Raconteurs member’s sixth solo release, You Were Right has been praised by critics as one of the singer-songwriters’ best. The album was released staggered throughout the year as a series of singles, and Benson opted to package the collection as an exercise in focusing on the single above the album, an interesting straddle between his alliances in the indie and pop world. Bonus: it’s also the second album he’s released on Readymade Records, his own label that opened shop in 2012.

Childish Gambino, Because The Internet

Donald Glover, better known as Childish Gambino in the music industry, is one of the leading Renaissance men in entertainment working today, and his most recent album, described by Glover himself as his “most honest work to date”, brought in elements of his career as a rapper and his earlier work as a comedian and TV writer. Gambino famously “leaked” the album himself several days before the album dropped, then released a 75-page accompanying screenplay and selected clips to sync up with the tracks, which sparkle with internet and emoji talk and is his most compelling material to date.

Neil Young, Live At The Cellar Door

Live At The Cellar Door is a compilation of tracks from Young’s six performances at famed D.C. venue The Cellar Door throughout 1970, foreshadowing what would be one of the most inspiring rock careers of all time. The performance is stripped down from the electric, pounding Young sound we’re so accustomed to, drawing attention to his powerful vocals and guitar chops in some of his greatest hits. Spoiler alert: the crowd loves it.

And without further adue, back to your eggnog!

By Jamie Loftus

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