Lana Del Rey Makes Short Film


Since her breakout 2012 album Born To Die, I think most of us probably think of Lana Del Rey as “that girl who collaborates a lot with H&M” or “she did that song for Gatsby, right?” In other words, she’s kind of stepped off of the scene for a little while — until recently with the release of her new short film, entitled Tropico.

Tropico is just under 30 minutes, was written by Del Rey, and directed by Anthony Mandler. Anthony Mandler is an established film, music video, and commercial director. He most often collaborates with Rihanna on her music videos. The short film stars Del Rey and albino model Shaun Ross as well as John Wayne, Marilyn Monroe, and Elvis Presley impersonators.

The story is told through three tracks from Del Rey’s Born To Die – Paradise Edition. The film begins with the track “Body Electric,” transitioning into “Gods and Monsters” and concluding with “Bel Air.” It follows Del Rey and Ross beginning as Adam and Eve in the Garden of Eden being tempted by sin, Wayne, Monroe and Presley. In normal fashion, Eve eats the apple and they are transported to modern day Los Angeles. Here Del Rey is now a stripper and Ross is her estranged boyfriend who works in some sort of convenience or hardware store. After becoming tired of their life of corruption they drive into a field and strip of their black clothing into an all white wardrobe and become baptized of their sins.

To be honest, when I originally stumbled upon this video I was wary, but I was incredibly entertained. It’s a great testimony to human nature, and to me, gave a new and deeper meaning to her music that I had never realized before. I would suggest taking the 30 minutes to watch this film (which can be found on VEVO). If you get nothing else out of it, it at least gave me a lot more respect for Lana Del Rey.

Not to mention, she’s coming out with a new album Ultra-Violence to be released in 2014. She seems somewhat dubious about the quality of the new material, saying her “muse is very fickle”. However, it seems like we’re going to be seeing a lot more of Lana Del Rey in the upcoming months.

By Micaela Cain

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