Artist of the Week: The Killers

the KillersWERS is proud to announce The Killers as our Artist of the Week in celebration of the release of their first greatest hits album, Direct Hits. 

Twelve years and four albums deep into an extremely successful career, The Killers began after then-synthpop artist and future frontman Brandon Flowers attended an Oasis concert and decided it was his fate to work in rock music. The rest is history– he found guitarist Dave Keuning in a Vegas personal ad and immediately launched into the writing and production of what would be their first major hits, including “Mr. Brightside.” The group added drummer Ronnie Vannucci and bassist Mark Stoermer before being picked up by a manager and whisked away to San Francisco to record with former Green Day manager and mix engineer, and were picked up by British label Lizard King Records and completed work on their first effort, Hot Fuss.

Four hit singles and an impressive touring schedule featuring major acts like Morrissey later, The Killers had arrived as a dazzler of alternative and top 40 crowds alike, smashing the charts with “Mr. Brightside,” “Somebody Told Me,” “Smile Like You Mean It,” and “All These Things I’ve Done” all charting in the top fifteen American singles following their release. With a lot to live up to for a sophomore release, Flowers and the Killers crew elected for an equally catchy, slightly darker second album with Sam’s Town, once again blowing their fanbase away with hit “When You Were Young” and a memorable music video for the single “Bones”, which was directed by Tim Burton.

After even more extensive touring, 2008′s Day and Age brought Flowers back to his pop-synth roots with the catchy hit “Human” (“Are we human or are we dancer?” still remains one of the most important questions asked in music in the past forever.) Flowers then redirected his energies to founding Battle Born Studios in Nevada to give the band a comfortable home base to record in, and was formally completed in 2010 for the group to begin recording an album of the same name (Imagine Dragons, Elton John, and Motley Crue have also recorded in the studios). In 2012, the highly anticipated Battle Born was released along with major tracks “Runaways” and “Miss Atomic Bomb,” along with another massive tour.

The Killers have more than enough material that kill just as their name implies in just four albums to create a greatest hits album full of fun throwbacks and major works, and will release their Direct Hits compilation tomorrow. WERS is proud to have The Killers as our artist of the week, and listen for their new track “Shot At The Night” on the airwaves now!

By Jamie Loftus

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