The Fratellis Live In Studio

The Fratellis Live In Studio

Just this week the Fratellis stopped by the WERS 88.9 FM studios to play a few songs for us. The Fratellis is an indie rock band native to Scotland. You know them best by their hit songs “Chelsea Dagger” and “Henrietta,” but now the Fratellis are making more music that’s just as catchy. They released a new album this October titled We Need Medicine,¬†and I can honestly say that the songs from this new album are just as memorable as the songs from their last two album; it’s definitely worth a listen. The songs on We Need Medicine could best be described as rock and roll with the hint of a mysterious vibe to it.

All of the songs that they performed were done acoustically. The first song that they performed was a song from their new album We Need Medicine titled “Rock N Roll Will Break Your Heart.” On the album, the song starts off slowly, but then it builds up more and more. However, when Jon Fratelli performed this song with nothing more than an acoustic guitar, I felt a chill run down my spine. This song really showcased Jon Fratelli’s talent and there was a certain raspiness to his voice that was just truly endearing. The lyrics were beautiful and melodious.

The next song that they performed from their latest album was “Seven Nights and Seven Days.” Again, this is another song that was performed acoustically. While it’s normally an upbeat song, it was slowed down for this performance and full of so many alluring lines. With lyrics like, “Show me the way brother/give me a sign sister/I’m not the only one who’s waiting to be born…” you can really feel and understand the music. The combination between Jon Fratelli’s voice and his acoustic guitar playing calms the song down in a way that makes you want to keep listening to it over and over again.

For the Fratellis it’s all about entertainment. They like what they do and they have fun with it. They can’t imagine what they would be doing if they weren’t making music. In their eyes, everyone has a skill and/or something that makes them happy and for them, that’s making music. With We Need Medicine, they really wanted to write songs that have never been heard, something new and innovative. They also needed to think of what kind of songs would sound well when performed live. Jon Fratelli stated that while it may be an odd way of thinking, “You don’t always end up with a record that’s easy to play live.” He claimed that he feels lucky just to have an audience to perform for.

Contrary to the serious look that he wears on his face, Jon Fratelli would like everyone to know that he’s not “moody”; it’s just his face. I can honestly say, that the Fratellis are the sweetest men I’ve met in a long time. They will be touring with the Ceremonies in Chicago and all along the west coast. Be sure to check out their new album We Need Medicine!

By Jailene Adorno
Photo by Mary Kate McGrath

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