Throwback Thursday: Lou Reed

Lou ReedThis week for Throwback Thursday we are playing a set of the Velvet Underground in memory of Lou Reed.

Lewis “Lou” Reed was born in Brooklyn in 1942 and grew up on Long Island. Reed learned how to play guitar and gained an early interest in rock and roll music. Reed attended Syracuse University in 1960 where he studied journalism, writing, and directing. Reed began writing songs after studying under poet Delmore Schwartz. After school, Reed moved to NYC where he began work as an in-house songwriter for Pickwick Records. After writing a few songs, Reed joined up with musicians John Cale and Tony Conrad. Reed then invited two of his college friends, Sterling Morrison and Maureen Tucker, to join the group and then the Velvet Underground was born.

The Velvet Underground caught the eye of Andy Warhol who would go on to help inspire many of Reed’s songs. Warhol convinced the group that they should add female singer, german model and singer Nico, into the group. Reed wrote a few songs for Nico to sing and the group came out with their debut album The Velvet Underground & Nico in 1967. By the time the band recorded their second album, Nice quit and Warhol had been fired. Lou Reed decided to quit the band in 1970 and a year later signed a recording contract with RCA Records. Lou Reed would go on to release an astounding 22 solo albums, get back with the Velvet Underground for a couple more albums, and nearly work with everyone in the music industry. On October 27th, 2013, Reed died at the age of 71 from liver disease. Lou Reed was one of the most influential and inspiring minds in music and he will truly be missed.

Celebrate the life of Lou Reed with us today at 5pm for Throwback Thursday, only on 88.9 WERS.

By Blaise Fritsche

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