Geo Poor Live In Studio

Geo Poor Live In Studio

Live Music Week happens bi-annually at WERS to raise money to keep our station running. We ask if you can pledge your support in order to keep us live on air, bringing you live performances from your favorite musicians. Pledges can be made here.

Geo Poor came into studio to begin our last day of Live Music Week with a thoughtful solo acoustic performance. Sharing some raw lyrics and good conversation, Geo charmed the studio.

Geo may have gotten his bearings in music with his solo work, but he also found his band, The Great Whiskey Rebellion, to be a big piece of his musical career. “I was doing my solo project for years and then I met Amy, my now girlfriend, who plays a mean fiddle and we started putting together bands together. She grew up listening to Appalachian folk music and Irish Celtic music and we built off of that,” Geo said.

As the band developed with this jazz and Celtic inspired sound, Geo found an outlet to explore different aspects of songwriting as a bassist and vocalist of the band.

One of the crucial pieces of songwriting that Geo has taken away from his experience as a solo artist and band member, is the precious nature of “the moment.” The rawness that comes to mind has to be captured as it happens to create meaningful music. “My solo stuff is trying to capture moments. I always write lyrics all at once. If I have an idea and I start writing it, but go back to it later, the feeling or whatever it is that’s spurring it on is lost. Occasionally I will go back and edit a word, but in principle I prefer not to because in my opinion it’s not honest to the original inspiration,” he said.

This frame of mind is clear in his live performance. It feels as though it is a stream of consciousness at a time of strength. He goes through and states exactly what he is feeling, leaving for the listener to trace back and analyze and the end. It is a refreshing take on songwriting when so many musicians over think and produce their art.

Witnessing Geo’s genuine composure and grace throughout his performance, his purpose is clear. His style is driven with pure compassion and there is not any better way to convey this but live. This is the type of performance that translates the music in a way that is much stronger than a recording. Geo is a musician that is meant to perform out what he creates.

After leaving the sound booth, Geo gratefully spoke of WERS’ impact and explained his appreciation for the opportunity to play on Chagigah. “I think that it’s an amazing thing that we have a Jewish radio show in Boston. I can’t think of anywhere else (other than Israel) that has one, I imagine that it’s pretty rare. Having the chance to do this type of show on such a good station that I can listen to in my car, it’s really amazing,” Geo said.

This year, we can look forward to Geo graduating Brandeis University with a Masters in Jewish Professional Leadership and finishing the second album of The Great Whiskey Rebellion.

By Lauren Moquin

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