Spamalot Live In Studio

Spamalot Live In Studio

(From left to right) Roy Harris, Chris Boyajian, and Chris DiBenedetto

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Despite getting mixed reactions from the Monty Python crew, Spamalot has become somewhat of a worldwide phenomenon. The original show, which started on Broadway in 2005, has been toured around the globe, in the process making tons and tons of money and being seen by thousands of people. Written primarily by Eric Idle, known as one of the founding members of Monty Python and The Rutles, has won a handful of Tonys and an overflowing amount of other prestigious awards since its inception. Hingham Civic Music Theater has been putting on Spamalot and have been doing an awesome job and we were lucky enough for them to stop by the WERS studios and perform three of the songs off of the play as introduced by the music director, Chris DiBenedetto.

First, they performed “The Song That Goes Like This.” Written as a parody of typical Broadway musical numbers, the song was performed by Chris Boyajian as Sir Galahad and Colleen McDonough as The Lady of the Lake. The song humorously talks about the stereotypically dramatic musical numbers that are frequently featured in various musicals, talking about key changes that may or may not should have happened, crescendos and songs that go on for far too long.

The second song they performed was “Knights of the Roundtable.” They explained that this was the song in which the knights return to Camelot for some fun and that this is when King Arthur, played by Francis Sheehan, reintroduces the Lady of the Lake who sings a good portion of the song. The song, again, parodies certain aspects of songwriting that goes into most Broadway productions of a similar style. McDonough sings “once in a show, there is a song that goes like…. this/It starts off soft and slow/And ends in a kiss.” The song accumulates with the knights singing with the lady of the Lake and King Arthur as an ensemble.

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The last song they performed was “I’m All Alone” which is sung by King Arthur and the sad Patsy, played by Joel Leonard. Throughout the song, the king talks about how he is sad and how there is no one there with him, despite Patsy being right next time, eventually responding to every sad plea from the king. However, the king ignores him as Patsy is but a lowly servant to the king.

The Hingham Civic Musical Theater are putting on Spamalot only until tomorrow, Sunday the 27th. The theater is located in Hingham, MA and is actually the Hingham Town Hall. Tickets are available at doors for all of the shows and are $20 for adults, $18 for seniors and students and $15 for groups of ten or more. According to their website, the Higham Civic Musical Theater “has been entertaining audiences since 1948… Our purpose is to bring live musical theatre to the South Shore and surrounding communities at affordable prices, to provide a venue for local thespians to learn, practice, and display their skills, and a learning experience in all aspects of theatre.” Based on their work in-studio, they are doing a fantastic job, so go check it out!

By Stevie Dunbar
Photo by Meaghan O’Brien

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