Diego Garcia Live In Studio

Diego Garcia Live In Studio

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Diego Garcia is a very passionate man. The singer-songwriter, Argentinian but born in Detroit and raised in Tampa, brings a unique and tropical flavor to his own music. Previously singer in the New York based band Elefant, Garcia is now a solo artist. His first solo album, 2011’s Laura, was inspired by his break-up with a girl (appropriately) named Laura. The album is full of yearning love songs and it played a part in bringing them back together. Wonderfully, the couple are now married and have a child together.

The fact that Garcia’s latest album is titled Paradise is no great surprise; he seems to be in a great place at the moment. In an interview with Elle magazine, Garcia stated that “I wrote it from a place of strength. Laura was written from a place of weakness. I was heartbroken! …And then life brought me back to her. We got back together, and ironically, she gave me the strength to record this new record.” Talkative, playful and upbeat, Garcia came into the WERS studios and laid down three fantastic and laidback tracks off of the two aforementioned albums.

The first song he played was “Sunnier Days.” Backed by two guitar players, one on a beautiful Spanish guitar, Garcia took us through the laid-back that featured some dark undertones. The song was very much reminiscent of Van Morrison’s “Brown Eyed Girl” especially with the quick and bright descending guitar parts on the aforementioned Spanish guitar. However, Garcia adds his own flavor to the mix, with the song taking on a much more tropicalia mood and feeling. This song can actually be downloaded for free on his Soundcloud page.

The next song he played was “Donde Estas,” meaning “where is?” Garcia went to explain that the title implies that the song is about someone, as in “where is she?” On the album, the song has a much more hazy vibe with the proper amount of synths promoting that attitude. The more stripped down version Garcia played at the WERS studios was much more immediate with the song’s gentle and lofty melody breezing in and the catchy and simple chorus that echoes the song’s title: “Donde estas, donde estas mi amor.” Garcia mentioned that this song was the first time that he decided to sing in Spanish in one of his songs; the contrast between the English verses and Spanish choruses is at first jarring, but it eventually gives the song a nice feeling and different mood.

Garcia ended with “Start With The End.” The song’s sweet chorus, going, “Oh, let’s start with the end. We gone all the way round, now we’re back again,” is super catchy and the song’s quick rhythm gives everything a nice sense of momentum. Some of Garcia’s most uplifiting lyrics are featured in this song with one line in particular standing out: “Let’s make it a point to remember to live with the joy in our lives.” This almost seems like Garcia’s mantra, his music is so full of happiness and life. You can tell that he wouldn’t want to do anything else but make music.

By Stevie Dunbar
Photo by Jen Villalobos

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