Will Dailey Live In Studio

Will Dailey Live In Studio

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He’s a name you’ll want to know. Will Dailey, a local Boston singer, joined us during Live Music Week at WERS. With two of his other band mates–Kimon Kurk (bass and guitar), Dave Brophy (drums)–the trio put on an excellent show.

Dailey has put out three previous albums and a two volume musical project called Torrent. In the past few years, he has also won three Boston Music awards, been nominated as Best Male Performer in New England by New England Music Awards, and did an incredible tribute to Jack Kerouac for Reimagine Music’s Esperanza. Currently though, Dailey is working on a new release set for March of next year. The record is titled National Throat and Dailey told us how he just received the master record back and is working on designing the artwork for its release. Previously, Dailey had been working with Universal Records but this album he chose to do all his own, through the use of PledgeMusic. With Pledge, Dailey can produce his album independently, counting on his fans to donate. “You’re in your own little world in studio. You get lonely or delusional,” he said. “But when people are pledging you, you start to imagine all the ears that will hear it and that want to hear it.”

The fans are a huge motivator for Dailey and they help drive him forward. With this new album, he can create with his fans, and that aspect of community has really been the best part. That community is also built through touring and being in contact with his fans. In less than two weeks, Dailey, Kurk, and Brophy will be off touring in France, spreading their music aroun,d and performing in the way they do it best — through live music. Dailey told us how their songs change and grow as they are performed in front of crowd and how exciting that is for them. In addition to that, Dailey also told us how much he appreciates the power of public radio and how it helped him get his start as a musician. He said of WERS, “They picked it up and started spinning my first album. It gives you hope.”

Dailey played three songs for us in studio. The first of which was “Sunken Ship” which had a skillful, easy paced rock guitar solo performed by Dailey himself. Second was an older song, “So Many Wrong Ways.” This song was one of my favorites, and Dailey’s voice was filled with layers of depth. “So many wrong ways down,” he sang, his voice changing from raw and delicate before building the momentum back up to a more rock-style power.

The last song Dailey sang for us was a new release. Titled “Once in a Century Storm,” the song was catchy and upbeat, but filled with skillful musicianship that emblemized Dailey as a strong rock musician. Dailey is “self-realized.” He knows who he is and who he wants to be. And if this song is any indication of the upcoming release- he’s doing it right.

Will Dailey. Remember it.

By Ashley Kane
Photo by Amanda Weisman

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