Skinny Bones Live In Studio

Skinny Bones Live In Studio

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“Folk music through electronic production,” is not a phrased used too often to describe a type of music. Actually, it’s probably only ever been used by Boston’s own folk-electronic duo, Skinny Bones. Formed in April 2012 right in Jamaica Plains, MA, the two members Jacob Rosati and Christopher Stoppiello stopped by WERS studio to perform three songs for Live Music Week.

For just two people, Skinny Bones brings a big sound. Mainly Rosati does vocals, guitars, keyboards, and samples, while Stoppiello does the percussion and recorded sounds. By using electronic sampling techniques, guitars, percussion and some obscure instruments (including a metal glass filled with water connected to a microphone) the two are able to fill the room with psychedelic, indie-pop music.

Their first song they performed was “Shake Your Shoulders,” which was off their first EP titled Skinni Dip. It starts off with a catchy acoustic melody, building in to a more psychedelic, slow moving electric based rhythm. In the background you can hear an acoustic guitar being played with more of a folk style, sliding on the fret board with claps and other synth produced sounds. If Modest Mouse and Passion Pit had a musical child, Skinni Dip would be their baby.

Skinny Bones are familiar with WERS, as they have recorded songs and performed many times within the past year and a half of being a band. The last time they were in the studio their album had not been released yet, making this performance extra exciting. The duo self-released their first five track EP, Skinni Dip, this past June. During the studio performance, they talked about the recording process which took them almost two full years to produce. “It felt like it took forever!” Rosati joked.

The bands second song was a brand new unreleased song, called “Wonderlust.” It makes familiar references to living in Jamaica Plain, and is mostly synth and electric driven. They ended with a WERS and fan favorite, “A Moment or Two.” This song brings out their more experimental side, using a lot of whimsical, Passion Pit-sounding electric samples, but still catchy enough to grab a listeners attention.

While at WERS, Skinny Bones spoke about releasing more music potentially by the end of January. In the meantime the dynamic-duo will be sticking around Boston for the next month. They currently have a show booked on October 28th in Jamaica Plain at the Midway Café and a show on November 24th in Cambridge, at the Lilypad. Be sure to also listen for Skinny Bones during WERS’s Live Music Week and keep an eye out for their upcoming releases.

By Jessica Colarossi
Photo by Maggie Ambrose

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