Said the Whale Live In Studio

Said the Whale Live In Studio

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The Vancouver-based indie rock outfit Said The Whale entered the WERS studio with nothing but two acoustic guitars, a tambourine, and an attitude to make their last day on tour the best yet. Ben Worcester and Tyler Bancroft started the band in 2007 with bassist Nathan Shaw, keyboardist Jaycelyn Brown, and drummer Spencer Schoening. In their laid-back t-shirts, tight-fitting jeans, and a fedora, they gave the studio a treat with three stripped-down acoustic versions of songs off their freshly released album, Hawaii.

They began their in-studio performance with fan favorite “I Love You,” filling the room with static harmonies and a steady acoustic rhythm. It’s almost impossible to listen without tapping your foot or bobbing your head to the love-proclaiming anthem about sibling ties. After the first song, the band spoke about the recording process of their newest album and it is different than their three previous ones.

“We went with the hip-hop approach,” Ben explained, meaning they recorded one song at a time in separate chunks. “It allowed us to focus on one thing at a time, so it was much more relaxed.” The relaxed nature of the album is certainly reflected within the group as they are known for frequently interacting with their fans through social media outlets such as Twitter, Reddit, Facebook, and Tumblr.

“We expected more mean things,” Tyler said jokingly about their recent Q&A on Reddit. The group has been receiving extremely positive fan reactions while on tour and online.

They followed-up with “On The Ropes” and “I Could Smoke.” The energy stayed high all the way through, clapping their hands and hitting the tambourine to the beat, treating WERS to a fun-filled performance that left our spirits higher than they already were for Live Music Week! After treating WERS with a fun-filled performance, the band headed off to Brighton Music Hall; their last show after a 4 month long tour across the United States. They will be taking a break in their Canadian home until November when their Canadian tour is set to begin.

By Jessica Colarossi
Photo by Ashley Lessa

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