Tristen Live In Studio

Tristen Live In Studio

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Quiet, and petite in a delicate beige blouse and button up black skirt, Tristen arrived at WERS performance studio to do a performance and interview for Live Music Week. Her and her right hand man Buddy Hughen played three songs off their new album, C A V E S, released on October 15th. The dynamic duo have been touring with Irish based eltro-pop group Bell X1 for two weeks, sending them all over the country from Toronto, New York City, Chicago, to Los Angeles and San Fransico.

Tristen is known for her wide use of social media and connecting with her fans in different ways. She documents almost all of her travels on Instagram and Twitter. She explained how she enjoys seeing her friends traveling and how people are able to express themselves through pictures instead of capturing it through words. “It’s a way to express myself,” she said. “I’m a little bit of an addict. She seems to be all about being creative and finding new ways of self-expression.

Their first song was “Catalyst.” “It’s about a Catalyst,” Tristen said jokingly. They then broke in to a synth-driven beat, and wispy guitar playing. Her voice was sweet with just the right amount of intensity. “You know I never want to stay,” she sang with a slight growl. The next song was “Gold Star,” which was more pop sounding with a faster moving beat.

Between her songs, she explained her utilization of Kick Starter, which is a crowd funded platform that connects social media to the fans. Fans get the opportunity to find items and limited edition collectibles from their favorite musicians and artists, such as knitted scarfs, journals, hand quilted vinyl slips and other unique packages. Artists set a goal that they must meet in order to retrieve the funds from their fans. This past Christmas, Tristen met her goal of $4,000 in only two short days by putting together kitted scarves, journals, and three holiday songs for her fans.

“People want that personal touch,” said Tristen. She enjoys building that connection with her fans, especially since the internet has become so impersonal. Recently, she has started taking song requests from her fans that she records with Buddy in her home studio and sends to her fans with a pre-order package. It is a lot of work to take on, but completely worth it.

They closed with a slow tempo, dream-sounding ballad called “Island Dream.” The name is extremely fitting to the song, making the listener feel like they are listening to a day dream in the clouds about an island somewhere far away, but all the while they were right here in our studio, winning us over with their music.

By Jessica Colarossi
Photo by Kevin O’Brien

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