Gambles Live In Studio

Gambles Live In Studio

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Gambles, also known as Matthew Siskin, is a new and upcoming artist who relies solely on his voice and acoustic guitar. We were lucky enough to have him stop by the WERS 88.9FM studio for Live Music Week. His debut album, Trust, was just released at the beginning of October and I honestly think that it’s worth a listen. Gambles’ voice is very unique in that it’s strong and distinctive. His voice is raspy with just a bit of huskiness to it. That raspy voice, combined with his acoustic guitar playing, work really well together in showcasing his raw talent.

He started off with a song from Trust titled “You Are Truth.” It starts off with Gambles’ guitar playing and then there is an echo effect as he starts singing. It’s slow and peaceful at first and then towards the end, there is a tempo change that really ties the song together as a whole. It’s melodic and pure. The next song that he performed from his album is called “Safe Side.” This song was full of his clear voice and rapid guitar playing.

The last song that Gambles performed was not off his new album. It was a song that he called “A Song for Jeff Bauman Jr.” which was a sort of tribute to him and all of those affected by the Boston Marathon Bombings. For those of you who may not be familiar with Jeff Bauman, he was a Boston Marathon victim who lost both of his legs and was able to identify the suspects of the bombings. After listening to “A Song for Jeff Bauman Jr.” I think we could all agree that it was simply beautiful.

Right before Gambles is about to perform, he empties his pockets of loose change, his cell phone, and anything else. This is his way of preparing to perform; he stated that it just feels better. Gambles’ music career started as he was searching for something new to do. He had a few musician friends and more or less knew how the process worked. All that was left for him to do was to sing and write songs. He listed some of his musical influences as Beethoven and Bob Dylan. He stated that “Animal” was his favorite song to perform from his debut album.

He’s currently on tour with Those Darlins and he’ll be touring with them all over North America up until the end of the month. Gambles explained that the inspiration behind his debut album, Trust, was everything that had happened in the two years prior to recording the album. Everything was moving so quickly that once the album was done, he saw it all as an “echo” once he truly realized that everything that had happened was real. He had a hard time during those two years, but then he said that after all that happened, you can either come up from it or you can just stay down. He decided to come up from it all and in the end, he was successful. He started his music career and I can honestly say that I expect to hear some more awesome music from him in the future.

By Jailene Adorno
Photo by Anna Lindgren

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