Atlas Genius Live In Studio

Atlas Genius Live In Studio

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The appearance of Atlas Genius frontman Keith Jeffery as he modestly enters the studio, acoustic guitar in hand, did not betray the bands’ recent success. Since their debut album, When It Was Now, was released earlier this year, the Australian band’s sophisticated indie-pop has perpetuated airwaves all over. The band has already toured extensively on the album, traversing the Americas, and are preparing for a European tour. Yet the band, comprised primarily of the Jeffery brothers Keith, Michael, and Steven, is no worse for the wear, and remains excited for the months ahead.

The first song Jeffery chose to perform was “If So,” the recent single off of the album. With extensive family experience in music engineering, the band is is meticulous about production, an attribute that is evident on this track. The song, usually awash with keyboards and glossy guitar sounds, holds up stripped down to an acoustic track. Unsurprisingly, “If So” has proven to be one of the band’s most popular tracks, circulated widely across the Internet.

On the topic of the current musical landscape, Atlas Genius gratefully acknowledged that much of the bands success has been attributed to the spread of music across the web. “It’s great for modern artists to have this platform, with mp3s and music blogs that are read,” Jeffery emphasized, “and with technology everyone can do recording, it’s a great time for music.”

The artist selected another song off of the album, “Don’t Make a Scene”, and this song translated well to an acoustic setting too. The band cites their musical influences as being a medley of The Beatles, the Police, and Death Cab for Cutie among others, and these influences definitely reveal themselves on this track.

After the exhaustive touring schedule they are currently in the midst of, the band intends to settle down for a while. During that time they will presumably return to the studio, as they stated that they have been working on new songs on the road. “I was writing just this morning,” Jeffery says, “this North American tour we have a bus with a back practice room, that helps for writing.”

For now, the band certainly has plenty of material to perform. The final song they played was “Trojans”, a fan favorite off the album. The song suits the bands softer vocals and has a distinctive guitar riff, and it is no surprise that it quickly became one of the band’s most appreciated songs. Catapulting to such success the same year as the release of a debut album may seem like a whirlwind experience, but understandably to the band the process has seemed much longer. “I guess yes, in the scheme of things it has been rather short timeline,” Jeffery admits, recounting it.

However, there was much build-up to their musical breakthrough, as the band worked arduously to construct their own studio to record the album the way they truly wanted to. Requiring an equal amount of effort, the band worked their way as a cover band before having the means and feeling ready to start record their own material.

By Mary Kate McGrath
Photo by Libby Webster

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