MUSE Start Working on New Album

MuseIn an interview with, Muse drummer, Dominic Howard, revealed that he and lead singer Matt Bellamy have begun to discuss how the band wants to approach the follow-up album to 2012’s The 2nd Law. Muse has been touring in support of The 2nd Law since September of 2012 and are scheduled to end mid-December in Australia. Bellamy goes on to explain that Muse is not the kind of band that writes while touring a previous album, because he feels that the new material tends to sound too much like the old. So the band plans to take their routine break once The 2nd Law Tour ends in December in order to begin work on their next album with a clean slate.

The 2nd Law was considered a major departure from the band’s previous work and received mixed reviews from critics, and even from Matt Bellamy himself. After the album’s release, Bellamy revealed that he regretted that there were not more “quiet moments” on the album. Even though the 2nd Law dominated the U.K. charts and reached number 3 on the U.S. charts, record sales still fell short of the band’s incredibly successful 2009 release, The Resistance. Fans eagerly await where the unpredictable band will take their next album, but Muse assures them that the new album will have “ some twists and turns.”

The band urged fans not to expect any new material any time within the next year, but reassured them that they do have solid plans for the new album. For the time being, Muse fans may satiate their desire for new material with Muse’s 4K resolution concert film that is set to be released before Christmas in select theatres around the world. The concert film is described as the highest-definition concert film ever released and will feature footage from the band’s performance at Rome’s Olympic Stadium.

By Samantha Doyle

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