“Build Me Up From Bones” by Sarah Jarosz

If you are searching for music brimming with captivating melodies and honest lyrics, look no further. Sarah Jarosz’s Build Me Up From Bones is musicianship at its finest. The singer/songwriter brings something new to the table with each and every song, drawing sounds from the mandolin, guitar, fiddle, and banjo. By combining unique rhythms with a voice that is both empowering and soothing, Jarosz is sure to leave a lasting impression on listeners.

The album kicks off with “Over The Edge,” a song that instantaneously thrusts listeners into the enchanting world of Sarah Jarosz. Layered with various instruments and textured with an upbeat groove, this one is sure to get your foot tapping, if not get you up out of your seat. It is an energetic and satisfying way to begin the album, leaving listeners yearning for more of Jarosz’s new sound and all that it has to offer.

The album slows down with “Mile On The Moon,” the track following the ceaseless banjo plucking of “Fuel The Fire.” Whimsical lyrics such as, “I dreamed we fell into the night / Your darkness shined the brightest light / We drove for miles on the moon / I’d go anywhere with you,” lull listeners into a dreamlike state, entranced by the crooning of Jarosz’s sultry voice. As much of her music does, this song shares the serenity of a lullaby and the tenderness of traditional bluegrass.

The maturation of Jarosz’s songwriting and lyrics is best exemplified in “Build Me Up From Bones,” the title track of the album. In this song, Jarosz takes listeners along with her as she serenades a tale of love and passion. Each individual word is selected carefully with poetic taste lingering in every note. The song hauntingly ends with “Play it sweet and low / We’ve got no where to go / I am yours and you’re the love I know,” intertwining with the gentle reverberating of the fiddle. It is evident that Jarosz has grown since the release of 2011’s Follow Me Down, expanding on her personal sound and soaring to new heights in musicianship.

Further into the album, Sarah Jarosz covers Bob Dylan’s “Simple Twist Of Fate” and Joanna Newsome’s “The Book Of Right-On.” She preserves the original beauty of the songs all the while lending her own unique twists. Jarosz truly makes the tracks all her own, emulating a sweet and simple sound that will soothe your eardrums and bring a smile to your lips. The cries of the mandolin and the strumming of the guitar only heighten the effects of these captivating melodies.

Other highlights of the album include the smooth-sailing “Gone Too Soon,” the melancholic “Dark Road,” and the serene closing track “Rearrange The Art.” There isn’t a single filler on the album; each song shares a purpose and contributes to the overall beauty that is Build Me Up From Bones. The pure talent that Sarah Jarosz fosters is undeniable, and she has succeeded to deliver yet another irresistible album. Do your ears a favor and take a listen now.

By Amanda Weisman

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