Morrissey Shares Autobiography

MorriseyMorrissey, best known as the lead singer and co-founder of The Smiths, and easily recognized by his unique, throaty singing voice, has finally released his autobiography; cleverly entitled Autobiography. The book includes accounts of his life up until the present. But, much like anything associated with this British icon, this autobiography had to bring controversy with it. It was supposedly set to be released over a month ago but was delayed due to disagreements between the publishers and Morrissey; apparently they didn’t like all the content that he chose to include. Penguin is the publishing company for this book and they chose to publish it in their Classics collection. This is getting a lot of backlash because that would then put Morrissey on the same level as people like Charles Darwin and John Stuart Mill. However, the reviews so far have only good things to say, with people like music reviewer Neil McCormick going so far as to say that it’s the best musical autobiography since Bob Dylan’s Chronicles.

Steven Patrick Morrissey, known to most by his last name, was born in England and was raised in Manchester. Throughout his childhood he was often very depressed, a condition that followed him throughout his life. He recounts that music is all he ever had as a child and that he felt the artists always understood his situation. In 1982 he co-founded the band that he’s most known for, The Smiths, after other failed attempts at making it in the music industry. The Smiths became incredibly successful in the UK but had a short career, breaking up in 1987. Up until now, Morrissey has been working on solo music as well as touring and taking a couple hiatuses.

Not only did he write music in his younger days,  but he was an author who published a good number of books. He was always interested in poetry and he thinks that this gives him a specific lyrical style in his writing.

Morrissey is definitely one of the most interesting people to put out an autobiography and I’m sure it will be very successful. With the fact that he has a background in writing, and his complete knowledge of his own insanity, what better person is there to publish a commentary on the quirky and controversial life he has lead. He has been seen as an innovator of the indie music scene and NME music magazine recognized him as “one of the most influential artists ever.” The Independent was quoted with saying, “Most pop stars have to be dead before they reach the iconic status he has reached in his lifetime.”

Autobiography has only been released in the UK and Europe so far, but you can order a copy from the Penguin books website. Buy a copy today and relish in the legacy of Morrissey’s distinctive throaty voice that he has now left tangibly on pages.

By Micaela Cain

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