“Mountains of Sorrow, Rivers of Song” by Amos Lee

Mountains of Sorrow, Rivers of Song is Amos Lee’s fifth studio album. In comparison to his other albums, which are full of rock and soul, this new album has more of a country sound and vibe to it. It’s a new and refreshing sound that makes you want to continue listening to the rest of the album. It’s not always easy to get on board when musicians get really innovative and change their sound up, but that’s not the case with this new album. The songs flow together well; they complement each other. There’s some kind of excitement in waiting to hear the next song. This new album also includes duets with artist such as Alison Krauss and Patty Griffin.

With songs such as “Stranger” and “Tricksters, Hucksters, And Scamps,” you really get an sense for the country vibe that Amos Lee is trying to put forth. Another awesomely melodic song from Mountains of Sorrow, Rivers of Song is Amos Lee’s new single that’s been out since mid-September, “Chill In The Air.” This single features the lovely voice of bluegrass-country singer Alison Krauss. This song is more on the melancholy side, but it’s beautifully written with that little twang of country mixed in there. Songs like “Dresser Drawer” have more of a melodic, nostalgic sound to them. It’s warm-sounding and it makes you want to crawl into bed with a cup of tea and a good book.

Other songs like “Indonesia” start off slow, but they have really awesome choruses that make you want to sing along to them. “High Water” is another song off of Amos Lee’s new album. This song is really different from the rest of the songs on the album. It has more of a rock beat to it, which is what some of us are used to hearing from Amos Lee. This song is a combination of rock and soul; it’s almost like combing Lenny Kravitz with Gavin DeGraw. “The Man Who Wants You” has awesome piano riffs scattered throughout the whole song. It starts off with a melody very similar to a combination of two Beatles songs, but then it ends up being very different from what you might be expecting. This song, similar to “Indonesia,” has a very catchy chorus that makes you want to sing along.

In Amos Lee’s song “Mountains of Sorrow,” we get to hear another beautiful voice for a duet. Folk singer, Patty Griffin, sings along with Amos Lee and really drives the album home singing, “To the mountains of sorrow and the rivers of song.” Who doesn’t love when there is a song in the album that really reflects upon not only the title of the album, but the rest of the songs as well.

In general, Amos Lee did a really good job with this new album. He changed his sound up, but was not disappointing by any stretch of the imagination. He took innovation to a new level with Mountains of Sorrow, Rivers of Song. It’s definitely a solid album for fans to enjoy.

By Jailene Adorno

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