Death Cab For Cutie Working on Eighth Album

Deah Cab for CutieAccording to a group of pictures posted on Instagram on Thursday, Death Cab for Cutie is officially working on their eighth album. The photos featured a line of guitars and basses, shots of amps, and an over-the-shoulder shot of Death Cab’s lead singer, Ben Gibbard. Having recently closed the curtains on The Postal Service reunion tour, Gibbard is now ready to devote his attention to the unnamed Death Cab album. Rumors of this project began back in June when Gibbard assured Death Cab devotees that the band was in the process of writing new material.

This will be Death Cab’s first release since their generally well-received 2011 release, Codes and Keys. While recording Codes and Keys, Gibbard revealed that he wanted to make a less guitar-centric album than the band had in the past, so it will be interesting see where Gibbard takes the next album. According to an interview with Rolling Stone the band is hard at work on the new album in their Seattle studio with band member and producer Chris Walla.

Earlier this year, the band began re-releasing some of their older material on vinyl. They will also be releasing a special 10 year anniversary package of their breakthrough LP, Transatlanticism. With all of this talk of re-releases, it comes as no surprise that fans are eager for new material. Death Cab has yet to announce a release date for their eighth album, but the album is expected to drop sometime next year.

By Samantha Doyle

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