“Love and War” by Tamar Braxton

Tamar’s album begins with the first track “The One,” a remake of the Notorious B.I.G.’s “Juicy” single released in 1994. This track starts off the album with a real hip-hop feel that gets us worked up to hear some classic 90s style jams, but “Tip Toe” switches it up.

“Tip Toe,” the next song, brings changes to the feel of the album. It alters the feel from hip-hop to a dance craze sound. It is upbeat and gets your blood pumping; not sure what to expect, we are hit with yet another surprise. Braxton hits us with the song “Stay and Fight.” “Stay and Fight” transitions us from our dance-craze mood to a smooth R&B baby-making mood… And the album continues on with this pattern, switching up the feel of the album with each different track. Her album is a package deal. It has hip-hop, dance tracks, and nice slow joints.

What’s important is to see how essential this effort to incorporate different sounds into one album is. Although she could have focused on a specific sound, there’s a song for everyone. There are songs to satisfy the lovey-dovey ears, the turn-up ears and the hip ears. It may have been a little shocking, but it did sell and is doing well. At times, listening to the album can throw you off. You hear different sounds and the songs don’t mesh with the variety, but you’ve got to give it to Tamar Braxton! She is breaking out of her shell, letting herself free and creating her own mark in the industry. Yes, maybe the album can be a little forced and seem desperate at times when going from track to track, but hey, she’s trying! And it’s worth a listen!

You may not appreciate all the songs, but you will find a song that you can relate to and vibe to. Some comments have been made that try to compare her to Rihanna and Ciara, but I must disagree! I don’t think she’s trying to copy anyone’s style, I think she’s just doing her and having fun. Who can blame her? It’s been about 13 years since her last album; give her some artistic freedom! She’s making music that caters to us all. It’s a gift to her fans. The versatile audience gets a package that provides them all with at least one song to love.

By Brittney Andrews

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