Michael Jackson’s Family Loses in Wrongful Death Case

Michael JacksonIt would be difficult to have an existence in which you had never at least heard of the King of Pop himself, Michael Jackson — or to have never seen his iconic “Thriller” video that revolutionized the MTV generation. It would also be difficult not to remember the fateful day he died a little over four years ago on June 25th, 2009 when he was found dead in his home in Los Angeles.

A little more than two years after Michael’s death, his doctor, Dr. Conrad Murray, was convicted of involuntary manslaughter against the singer. It was found that Murray prescribed Michael very potent drugs at a high dose, which proved too much for the “King” to handle.

AEG Live was Michael’s final concert promoter for his This Is It farewell tour. AEG was the company who hired Dr. Conrad Murray for Michael and the Jackson’s have since accused AEG of negligence for hiring the doctor. And here we are, just past four years since the “Thriller” star’s death, and three years since the lawsuit was filed; finally reaching a verdict on this negligence conviction.

The Jackson family is despairing after AEG Live was found innocent in the lawsuit against them. The jury came to the conclusion that although Jackson’s death was tragic, it was at the hands of Murray and was not any doing of AEG Live.

Although on first glance this verdict may seem shocking, in retrospect the jury’s decision makes a lot of sense. When AEG Live hired Dr. Conrad Murray, he was a perfectly competent doctor on paper. He seemed like a great choice to take care of the singer during his tour. AEG had no idea that the doctor would prescribe such potent drugs to the singer. So although they hired the doctor, they were hiring him based on credentials, and they thought they were going with the most competent candidate.

It’s awful that the King of Pop had to go so soon and so tragically, but he will forever be honored for the contributions he made the the pop world, and music itself. Although, this case didn’t work out in the Jackson’s favor, the doctor’s previous conviction still brings justice to the son and brother that they lost. Not to mention, it prevents Murray from giving the same fate to any more pop stars in the future.

By Micaela Cain

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