The Wild Feathers Live In Studio


“They’re like if Led Zeppelin and The Band had a baby in Joshua Tree that grew up listening to Ryan Adams covering the Stones 70′s country-influenced songs.” That’s the Wild Feathers, according to their Twitter and Facebook bio, at least. After hearing just one or two of their songs, it is easy to call that description accurate. The five-piece alternative country rock outfit stopped by the WERS studio to treat us with a three song live set on October 2nd. Taylor Burns, Joel King, Ricky Young, Preston Wimberly, and Ben Jarvis came in tasteful fedoras, plaid shirts, and four acoustic guitars.

The Austin, Texas natives came together in 2010 and shortly after relocated to Nashville, Tennessee. There they released their self-titled debut album three years later on August 13th under Warner Bros.

“We’ve been getting great reactions from our fans,” said King.

The writing and recording process “came naturally” to them. “Whoever brings the idea to the table usually takes the lead.” As they perform, it is clear that the four singers share frequently share the spot light, with rich, raspy harmonies and soulful southern-influenced melodies.

The first song they performed at WERS was “Got It Wrong,” a moderately tempo song with a steadily moving bass drum beat and twanging guitar licks. Next it was a soulful love ballad, “Left My Woman,” that sent pictures of rolling southern landscapes and open highways through listeners heads. It touches on nostalgia and the hardships of life on the road.

They ended their set with a WERS favorite, “The Ceiling.” The song is the album’s leading single for a reason, perfectly combining the classic sounds of Tom Petty and the Allman Brothers with a modern day American twist. The group prefers to be called American, as opposed to the stereotypical term Americana. The Wild Feathers’ pay their homage to their hometown roots and 1960-70s influences all throughout their songs, adding their own personalities and fresh twists. In each song, their harmonies blend seamlessly together with a unique balance between raspy and smooth.

“This is actually our first time here in Boston!” they said in between songs. So far they have been enjoying their time in the city and plan on coming back in the future.

Right after their set at WERS, the group headed off to Paradise Rock Club in Boston to perform with tour-mate ZZ Ward. When asked what direction they want to head in after tour, the answer is “more touring!” The group plans on touring their debut album for at least another year to a year and a half. That means they will definitely be easy to spot again for another memorable performance that shouldn’t be missed.

By Jessica Colarossi
Photo by Maggie Ambrose

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