First Ever YouTube Awards to Air Nov. 3

Youtube Music AwardsYou may be familiar with a somewhat popular video streaming website: YouTube. They’re kind of a big deal and now they’re ready to flaunt it. November 3rd will mark the date of the first annual Youtube Awards. Taking place at Pier 36 in New York City, the event will be live streamed and feature some big names in music: Eminem, Lady Gaga, and, oh yeah, the best band around: ARCADE FIRE! The entire event will be directed by Spike Jonze and hosted by Jason Schwartzman.

According to Billboard, the event will feature six main awards whose winners are entirely decided upon by the viewers. Danielle Tiedt, YouTube’s vice president of marketing, told Billboard, “We’re trying to create live videos during the award shows so that the experience becomes more about creating than presenting… Our main goal is to not just do another award show. We wanted to do something special.” Jonze also hinted that there could be some collaborations in store. My guess is that Jason Schwartzman will join Arcade Fire onstage and do an interpretative dance that represents and condemns our culture’s reliance on smartphones and computers.

If you just can not wait for what is surely going to be a spectacle for the digital history books (or PDFs?), you can check out the teaser trailer featuring host Jason Schwartzman. In typical quirky fashion, Schwartzman obliquely talks about the awards while playing a handful of instruments. Oddly enough, he alludes to the fact that there are several artists who are performing but he refuses to reveal them on the basis of “spoilers.” Well, spoiler alert Jason, but three of them have already been announced, and one of them is Arcade Fire! Schwartzman also has a “for real” play button from YouTube. We’re interested to see how this all plays out, but we’ll have to wait until November 3rd to see for real.

By Stevie Dunbar

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