The Horrors Talk About New Album

The HorrorsThe Horrors started off as psych-goth rockers enthrall to obscure 60s garage rock, impossibly skinny jeans and big hair. They still love the skinny jeans and garage rock, but they’ve grown into one of the key players in the UK psych scene. Once criticized for being more style than substance, the band proved their critics wrong with their sophomore album, 2009’s Primary Colours. The album’s blend of post-punk, shoegaze, Krautrock, and woozy psychedelia won over the hearts of the public and gave the band a new lease on life. They followed up with their biggest album yet, 2011’s Skying, which was their first UK Top 5 album and their first to be certified silver.

Since then, the band have been slowly working on a follow-up. Originally slated to be released later this year, the band decided to push the album back in 2014. Singer Faris Badwan stated that the band “basically had the choice between finishing the album and it being one way or giving it a few months and it being substantially better.” Guitarist Joshua Hayward added, “Now it’s been put back there’s a good chance we will end up wanting to change it because we’re constantly having new ideas and trying different things.”

Skying was marked by a lighter tone than Primary Colours with brass flourishments and an emphasis on airy synthesizers. Keyboardist Tom Cowan told magazine The Fly that in the new album, “Sounds are a bit broken. They’re breaking up a bit. It’s quite distorted.” For those who are a bit antsy about waiting, you can find footage of a new song titled “Elixir Spring” on Youtube. The band have performed it at a number of festivals this past summer which included a headlining slot at Glastonbury’s Park Stage.

By Stevie Dunbar

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