The Killers Will Release a Greatest Hits Compilation

the KillersThis upcoming November 11th, The Killers will be releasing a greatest hits compilation highlighting their familiar tracks over the past decade. Not only will the new compilation sprinkle in reappearances from Hot Fuss, Sam’s Town, Day & Age, and Battle Born but the new album, Direct Hits will feature 2-3 brand new tracks with a twist of some interesting collaboration.

M83’s very own Anthony Gonzalez takes on the reigns to provide a distinct influence on one of the brand new tunes, “Shot At the Night.” With an evident connection to M83’s 2011 album, Hurry Up, We’re Dreaming, the collaboration mixes up The Killer’s distinct rock sound with the electronic instrumentation music lovers know as M83. On the music fusion, Gonzalez explains,

“Some of it is sounding really cool. We can be guilty of making things so ornate, and sometimes that’s a bad thing. So I always have conversations with Brandon (The Killers’ lead singer) about working from a smaller palate, simplifying things. If these new tracks develop a theme, a common thread, then that could be the start of something.”

The thought of something new is present at least one more time with a brand new track titled “Just Another Girl,” but whether Direct Hits will feature a total of three new songs is still up in the air. The arrival of this fall marks the brand new appearance of the 15 track album, a deluxe edition featuring the original demo of “Mr. Brightside,” A Calvin Harris remix, and “Be Still.” A documentary DVD is also included with a 10″ LP up for grabs but sold separately for the most loyal of the band’s fans.

Direct Hits tracklist:

1. Mr. Brightside
2. Somebody Told Me
3. Smile Like You Mean It
4. All These Things That I’ve Done
5. When You Were Young
6. Read My Mind
7. For Reasons Unknown
8. Human
9. Spaceman
10. A Dustland Fairytale
11. Runaways
12. Miss Atomic Bomb
13. The Way It Was
14. Shot At the Night
15. Just Another Girl
16. Mr. Brightside (Original Demo) *
17. When You Were Young (Calvin Harris Remix) *
18. Be Still *

By Dayana Capulong

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