Artist of the Week: Elvis Costello and the Roots

Elvis Costello and The RootsThis week we’re featuring Elvis Costello and the Roots as our Artist of the Week in celebration of their new album, Wise Up Ghost!

It’s rare for two high-profile acts to combine forces and release something truly interesting material a la Billy Bragg and Wilco or David Byrne, but never in genres as vastly different as Elvis Costello and The Roots. Their origin stories are ones we’re familiar with– Costello dominated the alternative charts of the 1980′s, and The Roots established themselves so firmly in the scene that they currently serve as Jimmy Fallon’s house band on the late night.

They’d supported Costello on several occasions before collaborating on this year’s Record Day release “Walk us Uptown”, which expanded into a fruitful meeting of the minds that became the full-length Wise Up Ghost. The songs are a bizarrely perfect blend of both artists, with Costello’s signature vocals enmeshing itself within the hip-hop eclecticism that Questlove and the Roots crew provide. Though there’s no plans for the two to tour together (though both have individual shows in Massachusetts in the next handful of months), a successful release between the two could be a cue to tour more heavily.

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By Jamie Loftus

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