On The Verge: Marcella Rose

At 4:15 PM each Tuesday, WERS brings you our On the Verge segment which highlights an artist we think is up-and-coming.

This week’s artist on the verge is punk rock band Marcella Rose, who came up north to Boston from Pembroke Pines, Florida. We have Blink-182 to thank for the founding of Marcella Rose. One of the band’s founders, John Fox, states that he began playing guitar after hearing the Blink-182 song “I Miss You.” Blink-182 is also one of the many punk bands that Fox bonded over with co-founder Angel Esterema, and eventually the rest of the band. They got their first full line-up together in 2009, with Brandon Cross on guitar and Emily Bloch on drums.

Their first release came in 2010, called The Lumberjack EP, which was recorded at Stonehenge Recordings in Atlanta, Georgia. Following their debut release, Bloch left the drum-kit and was replaced by Kameron Hunter. With Hunter on board, Marcella Rose released their second EP, Fall Into the Sun, in 2012. The next project they worked on was their debut full length album, “Such Is Fane” which was released last December.

Watch a segment of Marcella Rose’s On The Verge below:

YouTube Preview Image

By Anthony Cantone Heinze

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