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Ian MacFeron Live In Studio

play_wheelOn the Verge: Ian MacFeron

Ian MacFeron is a singer/songwriter from Seattle, Washington with folk and blues influences. He was discovered by a local Seattle AAA format radio station, “The Mountain” after he released his first album, Don’t Look Back, in 2003. People continued to request his music and soon Ian MacFeron was shot from being an unknown local artist to sharing the stage with such acts such as Patty Griffin, Brandi Carlile, and The Hothouse Flowers. MacFeron has gone on to release five of his own albums and two additional ones with his full band. In the band, MacFeron plays piano and guitar along with vocals and is accompanied by Alisa Milner, a Texas-style fiddler, cellist, and harmony vocalist while Norman Baker (bass) and Mark Bateman (drums) provide the backbone to the music.

Ian MacFeron released his seventh studio album, Time Will Take You, on April second of this year. Seven albums is a huge accomplishment for any artist, but for Ian MacFeron is it a larger deal because he is a totally independent artist and has been releasing these albums from his own self-functioning record label. Even after a decade in the music industry, Ian MacFeron has not lost sight of what is most important: the music and the fans. Time Will Take You was recorded and mixed in just ten days at a studio in East Nashville, TN. The album was produced by Patty Griffin’s guitarist, Doug Lancio. A full band was put together, recording ten tracks took three days and the remaining seven were for mixing.

The first song was titled “How The Money Comes” and was a simple folk tune with guitar and vocals. Alisa Milner was there to provide fiddle and background vocals. The song is about traveling and performing for tips. This theme is reflected in the lyrics, “Cause money comes but it don’t come easy… and I expect it never will.” McFeron has a soft voice that clearly shows his emotion and passion behind his lyrics.

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The second song was also off of Time Will Take You and was titled “Down the Road”. MacFeron said that “Down the Road” was a positive song about hard times. The song was more guitar driven than the previous song and the chorus showed the harmonized vocals between him and Milner. Ian MacFeron is an extremely talented folk singer and sounds like a young Bob Dylan.

Ian MacFeron and Alisa Milner try to go on tour twice a year and they usually play six days a week to crowds of varying sizes. The two travel between 14,000 and 16,000 miles on these tours and MacFeron likes to build his fan base in the old-fashioned way. Old-fashioned performances and connecting with fans through music is what Ian MacFeron is all about.

By Blaise Fritsche
Photo by Luca Pace

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