Concert Watch: August 7th-11th

Nines_300x250v2Greetings, concertgoers! This week brings not only nice weather and good vibes (shut up, I can be a hippie this once), but yet another terrific festival to the New England scene. From Outside the Box to Boston Calling to Summer Arts Weekends, the volume of large-scale musical events in Boston are growing with each passing month, and we couldn’t be happier for it.

Friday, August 9th – Tristan Prettyman @ Boarding House Park

Roxy surfing model turned musician turned Jason Mraz burn song expert, Tristan Prettyman has blown up in the past year with the single “My Oh My” off her album Cedar & Gold, which she continues to tour with across the country. She toes the line between indie and pop with ease and, with three albums plus an already-successful career, continues to ascend in popularity and talent.

Saturday, August 10th – The Nines Festival @ Willard Field in Canton

With headliners like Dr. Dog and Delta Spirit, a full-service comedy tent and an impressive art display, could you say no? We didn’t think so. The Nines is a first-year, one-day festival and a small-town Bonnaroo experience with the difference that music, comedy, and art are given equal weight—it’s a new formula and experiments with what an outdoor festival can be, and we can hardly wait to see the results. If Explosions in the Sky, Walk Off the Earth, or Shuggie Otis is what gets you running to the box office last minute, go for it!

Sunday, August 11th – Heartless Bastards @ The Sinclair

Ten years and four albums into a memorable career, the ever-touring Heartless Bastards hit up one of the best concert spaces in Boston this Sunday. Still riding off of 2012’s Arrow, their most successfully charting release to date, the Bastards are notorious for shaking things up at their live performances and packing the room with energy.

And that’s a wrap! Don’t let these last days of summer slip through your fingers, sweet children, you’ll be begging for them back soon enough. See you next week!

By Jaime Loftus

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