Producer Spotlight: Pete Rock

The timeless sound and inspiration Pete Rock, also known as the “God-father of Hip-Hop,” has provided hip-hop music has paved the way for so many recording artist today. His Jazz horn and sample chopping gave people music that hit both the soul and the charts. He grasped how to innovate sound and give people a light that they could follow and find themselves in while he grew.

Starting off in the 90s, he began accomplishing more than providing our ears with solitude. He accomplished working with award winning artists such as Nas and Notorious B.I.G. All you Biggie admirers that have “Juicy,” on repeat and, strong souls who think the world is yours because of Nas’ lyrical influence, need to give all the thanks and praise to Pete Rock. Not that Biggie and Nas didn’t shut it down on their chart topping singles produced by Rock, but had it not been for Pete Rock’s talented brain the two singles “Juicy” and “The World is Yours”, Notorious B.IG and Nas would have never been birthed. He ignited the fire so artist could walk to the path of classic hip-hop records, which is why we like to call him the Godfather of Hip-Hop. Some of the hottest hits were made possible because of him. He set the torch for some of our favorite hip-hop artists today.

His influence is immense, which is why although he works on new stuff, we reminisce on his past accomplishments. The songs he produced back in the 90s still play on the radio, but speaking of “reminiscing,” “They Reminisce Over You,” a collab with him and CL Smooth, was another accomplishment for our Godfather. It hit the Hot Rap Singles, Billboard Hot 100, and a few other charts. This song touched people and it also helped his soul, as it was a song that revealed his loss of a friend and helped him cope with the unfortunate loss. He said, “the best method of cultural preservation is to keep the music authentic and heartfelt,” which is why that song is looked at as an accomplishment. He was passionate and real. Not only did he stay true to himself, but he also gave light to his culture. But surprisingly this song seizes to be his favorite accomplishment.

According to an interview he had, his biggest accomplishment as a producer was working with RUN D.M.C. because he said, “they were the biggest rap group at the time and having the opportunity to work with them at that point in my career was unbelievable. These were the same rappers I would rush to the record store to purchase when I heard them on the radio. I am still proud of my accomplishment, especially because it shot to number one so quickly.” But this was an accomplishment for both. All that talent in one room working together is a win win. They set the torch for hip-hop music today and both RUN D.M.C and Pete Rock can be found in many hip-hop artists’ influential lists.

The accomplishment some don’t recognize is Rock’s ability to be so effective. He once said, “You don’t always have to have a heavy message, but make it a point to deliver information kids can learn from.” And he has influenced all ages universally. Music effects people from within their soul. We live, breathe and sometimes use songs as an escape. We find our heartaches, dreams, passions, and failures in music. And Rock is in-touch with that. He makes music that we can learn from. And that is an impeccable accomplishment. Music can be a means of getting out of the darkness they feel they’ve been locked in. His music is the light! He is the light for hip-hop.

Check out this interview done by Malcolm with Pete Rock right here.

By Brittney Andrews

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