Spencer Livingston Live on Coffeehouse

Spencer Livingston Live In Studio

Los Angeles native Spencer Livingston came into the WERS studio with a combination of folk and rock music and blended it into an enjoyable performance for everyone. Although his three bandmates are all older than him, Livingston was able to put himself on the same level as them with his voice. He is currently in New England for the rest of July performing at various locations before heading back out west for August. His debut solo album, Grow, was released on July 16.

The son of actor Barry Livingston who played Ernie Douglas on My Three Sons, Spencer has come into his own when it comes to performing, and it showed in the WERS studio. He performed three songs from his new album for Coffeehouse, and WERS was ecstatic to have him in studio.

“Hopeful” was the first song Livingston performed. This song provided optimism for the future, as do most of his songs. He sends the message that there is still so much to do and see, so there is no point in just laying down. “Hopeful” is one of the many examples where Livingston and his band are successful complementing each other. Livingston’s tenor voice stays consistent throughout the song, and the bass guitar, electric guitar, and acoustic guitar are all in sync with each other. It was enjoyable to listen to because his message communicates with anyone who is optimistic and just wants to see the world.

Livingston’s second song, “Have a Little Faith,” poses an argument to the audience, and it is directed toward the older generation. His point is that the current generation of young people has a lot of pressure on them and that no one has confidence in them. He believes that the previous generation should have some faith in this next generation. It was an interesting that can relate to Livingston himself, and that is why he gave the argument through lyrics. One strong attribute for Livingston is his ability to enunciate. The audience is able to understand what he is saying and therefore be able to relate to him.

“One” was the last song Livingston performed. This song was unique in that Livingston added the harmonica into the mix. At one point, he was in a harmonica solo and played the guitar at the same time. His unique skills allowed the song to be special in its own way.

Livingston does have his own website where fans are able to download any of the songs that appear on Grow, and he also has the original lyrics to those songs when he originally wrote them. His website also contains some music videos and photos of himself and his band as well as all of the new social media tools, so fans can see his tweets, follow him on Instagram, or contact him. Check out the ‘Tour’ section of the site to see if Livingston will be performing near you sometime soon!

By Landon Komishane
Photo by Luca Pace

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