Serenata de Amor Brings Cape Verde to Emerson

Serenata de Amor, a musical theater project spearheaded by visual media arts associate professor Claire Andrade-Watkins, was brought to Emerson this past year. The project is a tribute to the morna of Cape Verde and Brava set in the 1940s. Andrade-Watkins worked with a team of faculty, staff members, and students from Emerson to bring Serenata de Amor to life.

The piece is strongly grounded by established Cape Verdean musicians and is meant to serve as the pilot initiative to bring Emerson and outside cultural communities together for collaboration. The project’s setting, Cape Verde, is widely known for legendary composers like Eugenio Tavares, whom is commonly called the “Mozart of Cape Verdean music.” The continuation of projects like Serenata de Amor would be a great educational experience to bring to Emerson’s campus.

Solely volunteer performers and crew power Serenata de Amor while the production was shot at the college’s Paramount soundstage. The project’s score was recorded and mixed at the WERS live mix facilities and the finished video is set for release in Spring 2013.

By Jeeyoon Kim

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