Stream the New Pond Album, by Tame Impala Members

PondWhile members of the Australian band Pond may be best known as members of Tame Impala (current Tame Impala keys man Jay Watson, ex-Tame Impala bassist Nick “Paisley” Allbrook, current Tame Impala bassist Cam Avery, and ex-Pond drummer and current Tame Impala frontman Kevin Parker), they have forged their own brand of off-the-wall psychedelia, fuzz rock, funk, shoegaze… Well, basically any genre you can throw a distorted guitar and fuzzed out synth at. The original concept for the band was one in which their members could play whatever they want in a collaborative environment and their sound has evolved and reached out accordingly.

Their last album, 2012’s Beard Wives Denim, received a good amount of attention thanks to that Tame Impala connection, but stands on its own crazy merits. Fellow psychedelic troubadours The Horrors championed the album and the NME soon followed suit naming them “the hottest band in the world.” One can only assume that they’re using the term “hot” figuratively implying that Pond are getting some buzz and attention, but the Pond boys are pretty handsome so who knows.

Either way, the NME, Modular Records, and Pond have graciously presented an early stream of Pond’s latest album, Hobo Rocket. Singer Nick Allbrook even wrote up a little introduction for the album stating that “It’s pretty fun I reckon, I even still quite like it… Its good for all occasions! Carpark headbanging, frat-parties, falling backwards off of not-quite-fatally high balconies, weddings, bar mitzvahs. Or alternatively listen to it on headphones in bed.” Give the new album a listen here.

This writer hasn’t fully immersed himself into the Hobo Rocket universe yet, but if first single “Giant Tortoise” is any indication we may have an serious contender for album of the year… But enough hyperbole! Use your own brain to click that link, press play and formulate your own opinion after one quick listen on your terrible laptop speakers! The internet is the future! Hail our robot overlords! And if you ever want to check out more Tame Impala/Pond related bands, you can always check out Mink Mussel Creek, The Dee Dee Dums, Space Lime Peacock, The Growl, Allbrook/Avery, or you could just type in a few randoms words into Google and you’ll probably find one!

By Stevie Dunbar

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