Freddie McGregor Live at The Paradise

Freddie McGregorRockers welcomed Freddie McGregor and his son Daniel “Chino” McGregor, and it was an honor to not only interview them, but to see them perform at the Paradise Rock Club. Celebrating 50 years in the reggae industry, Freddie McGregor feels great and it is a great joy for him to still be spreading love threw reggae music. Mr. McGregor is beloved by many reggae lovers and is often just referred to as Freddie.

Freddie has been singing since he was seven years old and is celebrated his 57th year of life on June 27th. Not only is reggae his passion but, it is his also his mission to spread uplifting, roots, heavy music that reflects Jamaicans and all people. He disclosed to me that he holds great responsibility to himself and others veterans like Luciano, Beres Hammond, and the queen of reggae, Marcia Griffiths, to make positive and good reggae music and to also keep it going. He has remained in the business to help guide and protect the nature of reggae music and any inspiring artist. He talked about his reason for opening up his studio, Big Ship, which was built to provide a place for the younger generation to make music which including his children.

Today Big Ship’s main producer is his son, Stephen “Di Genius” McGregor, who is mashing up Jamaica’s streets with his dancehall sound. Stephen McGregor has more of a dancehall flavor than his father and has worked with artists such as, Busy Signal, Movado, his brother Chino McGregor, and many more. Freddie also talked about his recent album, Di Captain, naming “Love Ballad” as one of his favorite tracks and “Bag A Hype” and “Standing Strong” as being the most popular songs on the album. Chino McGregor and I talked about the production and inside details on two of his hottest songs, which include Movado, and producer Stephen McGregor. One is “Roots Sound” featuring Stephen “Di-Genius” McGregor and “Good Good Girl”. Stephen “Di-Genius” McGregor produced both songs. Chino started to DJ and sing at young age and would like to describe his sound as bridging the gap between old school dancehall, and reggae by adding a modern twist. Reggae is also his passion and I can honestly say that I can hear a little bit of Freddie in his voice, which was evident in his performance recently.

Freddie McGregor, his son Chino McGregor, and his daughter Shema McGregor had an excellent show at the Paradise Rock Club on Saturday July 20th. Mighty Mystic actually opened the show alongside the band The Soul Rebels. Freddie performed all of his most popular songs such as “Loving Pauper,” “Big Ship,” and “Bobby Babylon”. His songs, such as “Bobby Babylon,” depict his switch to Rastafarianism which he made publicly in his career. Not only did Freddie do a dancehall segment and a Studio One segment in his show, but he also introduced songs off of his recent album “Di Captain” such as “My Story” and “Africa”. Chino also did his thing and bravely introduced his music to a new audience, which is his father’s audience. He introduced his sister, Shema, as the first lady of Big Ship and they did a lovely duet together. It was Rocking at the Paradise and I recommend being on the lookout for any other reggae shows held right here in Boston. It was a great honor to interview both of these incredible artists.

By Jessika D

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