“Magna Carta Holy Grail” by Jay-Z

It’s been about a year since we heard new material from Jay-Z but only five years since those materials came from a single album. Earlier this summer, Samsung bought almost three minutes of air-time during the NBA Finals to debut their partnership with Jay-Z by releasing a Magna Carta Holy Grail app in anticipation of his latest album, Magna Carta Holy Grail. The commercial showed Jay-Z in the studio in an apartment in New York City with big name producers like Swizz Beats, Pharrel Williams, Rick Rubin, and Timbaland–an image that was later described as a room full of legends. With the Samsung partnership, Jay-Z fans who owned a Samsung Galaxy phones and downloaded the app were the first the receive the album for free on July 4th, about a week before its official release date

.The Magna Carta Holy Grail album is another classic for Mr. Hov. With 16 tracks running a little under an hour, it is filled with everything Jay-Z love; everything from Tom Ford, to Picasso, to yachting somewhere exotic with his wife Beyonce and company and laying on beaches on islands many of us can only imagine of, and of course his family. He even questions his faith in God and admits his horror of becoming a bad father and repeating the actions of his own father.

Jay-Z’s good friend Justin Timberlake open up the album on the first track titled “Holy Grail” where Jay reminisced about his past vents about the paparazzi and intrusive fans. “Photo shoots with paparazzi / Can’t even take my daughter for a walk / See them by the corner store / I feel like I’m cornered off.” On the next track, “Picasso Baby” Jay-Z is rapping about the perks of being Jay-Z and being able to afford an expensive art collection. In The Blue Print 2: The Gift the Curse, Jay-Z really began to profess his love for then girlfriend Beyonce on the track “’03 Bonnie & Clyde” and if we remember clearly Jay-Z promised us that the song was to be continued. Well Jay-Z proved that he is a man of his word. On this album, he revealed part of two of the song called “Part II (On the Run)” where he and wife sung about the beauty of an imperfect relationship, Beyonce being the ride or die chick and still remaining the Bonnie to Jay Z’s Clyde. It’s clear Jay-Z is staying true to who he is as a person and is only using his music as the best possible avenue for him to give the fans a glimpse of what it’s like to be Jay-Z. This album is a far cry from the first Blue Print albums.

It also showed an evolutionary side of Jay-Z. But whether you’re looking for a track to vibe to in the house, in the car, or at the club, Jay-Z’s album has something fitting for all of those occasions. On the track “Jay-Z Blue,” the star really expressed his thoughts and fear of being a terrible father to his daughter Blue Ivy. In the song he said, “Father never taught me how to be a father / Treated mother I don’t wanna have to just repeat another / leave another Baby with no daddy want no mama drama I just wanna / Take her back to a time when.” Blue Ivy even made a special appearance on the track “La Famila”.

In all, Jay-Z really had fun with this album. He didn’t do it to prove anything in particular to his fans or critics, but instead he produced an album that speaks to his fans about what it’s like to be Jay-Z. He even addressed the FBI investigation of his trip to Cuba with wife Beyonce, proving he didn’t hold back much from us.

By Jean Merlain

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