New Cut Copy Single Revealed at Pitchfork Music Festival

Cut CopySomething is amiss in the Cut Copy camp. After capturing the attention of the indie dance world with 2008’s In Ghost Colours, the Australian band raised their worldwide profile with their Fleetwood Mac and Grace Jones inspired follow up, Zonoscope. Nowadays, they’re prone to changing their Facebook and Twitter profile pictures to blank images while posting cryptic messages such as “FREE YOUR MIND” and “LMSY Pitchfork Festival”. None of this really made sense until “LMSY” was revealed to be an acronym of “Let Me Show You”, the title of their latest single. Well, I suppose it’s their latest single as they haven’t really said much about it.

The song in question was pressed on vinyl and sold at the Pitchfork Music Festival that happened this past weekend. With only 120 copies out in the wild, it certainly will be a collectable item at some point. Luckily for the other six billion or so other people who couldn’t get their hands on this very limited release, someone kindly uploaded a recording of the song on to Youtube. Opting more for more of a dark and strobed club setting instead of their usual tropical beach party, the song grinds along to gurgling Kraftwerk-esque synths and psychedelic vocals that drop in and out of the mix. And, considering the band posted a link to this Youtube video on their Facebook, it’s safe to assume that they’re cool with everyone listening to such a low quality rip of their new tune (at least SoundCloud it you guys!).

Other than “Let Me Show You”, there is no news of a new album, though there’s probably something in the mix considering they premiered another new song, “Explorers”, during their deviously short east coast tour earlier this summer. Agonizingly, the band have only one tour date on the horizon, a slot at the Fun Fun Fun Fest in Austin, so let’s hope that they live up to their latest song title and show US THE MONEY (or an album and a tour).

By Stevie Dunbar

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