Where Are They Now: The Temptations

When it comes to music, there are few groups that can be defined as legend. One of those is without a doubt The Temptations. Formed in 1960, The Temptations are one of the most successful music groups of all time having sold tens of millions of records to date. The group is noted for its distinctive vocal harmonies as each member had the qualities of a lead vocalist. The music of the Temptations crosses the boundaries. From the R&B-pop originations of ‘The Motown Sound’ in the 60s, to the psychedelic and cinematic soul of the early 1970’s, to the funk feel of the late 70’s to the adult contemporary sounds of today, The Temptations have always adapted to musical trends.

The lineup of the musical group has shifted throughout its 50-year history. The original members of the 1960 group consisted of Paul Williams, Eddie Kendricks, Melvin Franklin, Elbridge “Al” Bryant and Otis Williams, who is the only remaining original member today. Other great vocalists have walked through the fantastic groups door including David Ruffin, who made a considerable contribution to the group musically, Grammy award winner Damon Harris, and Richard Street, among others.

The Temptations are responsible for some of popular music’s biggest hits including “My Girl”, “Get Ready”, “Just My Imagination (Running Away From Me)”, and the three time Grammy award winner “Papa Was A Rolling Stone”.

After a successful 12 years, the group took a brief hiatus in 1976 until 1982, where they regrouped to go on a reunion tour and release a new album. The album didn’t perform exceptionally well on the charts and the group fell back to the sidelines musically until about 2000. Though during this period an article of note was The Temptations miniseries. The four hour television show broadcasted on NBC in November of 1998 and was quickly regarded as an achievement. Based on Otis Williams’ biography Temptations, the miniseries went on to win and Emmy Award.

In 1999, The Temptations were inducted into the Vocal Hall of Fame and in 2000, they released a new album titled Ear-Resistable that garnered them a third Grammy win. Currently, The Temptations are still performing and making appearances all over the musical map. Their latest album was 2010’s Still Here. The Temptations have been touring and most recently visited Boston in December 2012. There is no doubt that the Temptations will always been one of the most highly respected musical groups of all time.

By Lydia Liebman

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